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Vocabulary Lists Top 10 Sentence Patterns for Beginners

Top 10 Sentence Patterns for Beginners

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Hebrew: עשר תבניות המשפטים החשובות ביותר למתחילים
Romanization:eser tav'nyot ha'mish'patim ha'kha'shuvot be'yoter le'mat'khilim
English: Top 10 Sentence Patterns for Beginners
In this lesson, you will learn the Top 10 Hebrew Sentence Patterns for Beginners. Even though you may already know some Hebrew vocabulary, perhaps you’re finding it difficult to string together coherent sentences. This lesson will break down the key components of 10 basic Hebrew sentence patterns, while also giving you an example of each one. Take your Hebrew to the next level by formulating clear, well-organized Hebrew sentences!

P.S. Be sure to click on the links below to take relevant lessons to learn even more about each sentence pattern!
[A] אני
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: [A] אני
- Romanization: Ani A(Noun, Verb, Adj.)
- Vowelled: [A] אָנִי
- English: I am [A] or I am doing [A].

■ Example

- Entry: .אני ברק אובאמה
- Romanization: Ani Barak Obama.
- Vowelled: .אָנִי בָּרַק אוֹבַּאמָה
- English: I am Barack Obama.
[A] יש/ אין לי
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: [A] יש/ אין לי
- Romanization: Yesh/Ein li A(object)
- Vowelled: יֵשׁ/ אֵין לִי
- English: I have/don't have [A].

■ Example

- Entry: יש לי בקבוק
- Romanization: Yesh li bakbuk
- Vowelled: יֵשׁ לִי בָּקֲבּוּק
- English: I have a bottle.
זה/ זאת
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: זה/ זאת
- Romanization: Ze/Zot + A(obejct) + B(possesive form)
- Vowelled: זֶה/ זֹאת
- English: This [A] belongs to [B].

■ Example

- Entry: זה התיק שלך
- Romanization: Zeh hatik shelkha
- Vowelled: זֶה הַתִיק שֶׁלֲךַ
- English: This is your bag
Cב [B][A]
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Cב [B][A]
- Romanization: be
- Vowelled: A(noun/pronoun) + B(verb) + beC(place)
- English: A does B at/in C

■ Example

- Entry: אני גר בירושלים
- Romanization: Ani gar beYerushalaim
- Vowelled: אָנִי גַר בֵּיֵרוּשַׁלָיִם
- English: I live in Jerusalem
?איך אומרים A בעברית
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: ?איך אומרים A בעברית
- Romanization: Eikh omrim A beivrit?
- Vowelled: ?אֵיךֲ אוֹמֲרִים A בֵּעִבֲרִית
- English: How do you say A in Hebrew?

■ Example

- Entry: ?איך אומרים הולידיי בעברית
- Romanization: eikh omrim holiday beivrit?
- Vowelled: ?אֵיךֲ אוֹמֲרִים הוֹלִידֵיי בֵּעִבֲרִית
- English: How do you say holiday in Hebrew?
B רוצה A
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: B רוצה A
- Romanization: A(subject) rotse b(Verb)
- Vowelled: B רוֹצֶה A
- English: A wants to do B

■ Example

- Entry: אני רוצה לישון
- Romanization: Ani rotse leeshon
- Vowelled: אָנִי רוֹצֶה לִישׁוֹן
- English: I want to sleep
?A איפה
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: ?A איפה
- Romanization: Eifo A
- Vowelled: ?A אֵיֲפֹה
- English: where is A?

■ Example

- Entry: ?איפה השירותים
- Romanization: Eifo hasherutim
- Vowelled: ?אֵיֲפֹה הַשֵׁירוּתִים
- English: where is the bathroom?
?A כמה עולה ה
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: ?A כמה עולה ה
- Romanization: Kama oleh ha A
- Vowelled: ?A כָּמַה עוֹלֵה הַ
- English: How much does the A cost?

■ Example

- Entry: ?כמה עולה הכרטיס
- Romanization: Kama oleh hakartees?
- Vowelled: ?כָּמַה עוֹלֵה הַכָּרֲטִיס
- English: How much does the ticket cost?
A מה השעה? השעה
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: A מה השעה? השעה
- Romanization: Ma Hasha'a? Hasha'a A
- Vowelled: A מַה הַשָׁעַה? הַשָׁעַה
- English: What time is it now? The time is A

■ Example

- Entry: מה השעה? השעה שמונה בבוקר
- Romanization: Ma hasha'a? Hasha'a shmone baboker.
- Vowelled: מַה הַשָׁעַה? הַשָׁעַה שֲׁמוֹנֵה בָּבּוֹקֵר
- English: What time is it now? The time is eight in the morning
?בבקשה, A אפשר
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: ?בבקשה, A אפשר
- Romanization: Efshar A, bevakasha?
- Vowelled: ?בֵּבַקָשַׁה, A אֵפֲשַׁר
- English: May I have A, please?

■ Example

- Entry: ?אפשר סיגריה, בבקשה
- Romanization: Efshar sigarya, bevakasha?
- Vowelled: ?אֵפֲשַׁר סִיגַרֲיַה, בֵּבַקָשַׁה
- English: May I have a cigarette, please?
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