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Tammy Brown
Tammy Brown
What a great course! Thank you for making Hebrew fun and easy! (Yes! I did say “easy”.) I’ve completed the “All About”, “Basic Bootcamp” lessons and “Pronunciation”. I’m now in “Absolute Beginner”. You have presented learning Hebrew in such a way that once you get a good grasp of the basics, advancing is not that difficult. I almost cried when I realized I could already “read”. Okay, a little bit, but I did read the words, even guessing at what they were by recalling the basics you’ve already given me - and got it right! With such success, you’ve got a loyal customer and I will highly recommend this course to anyone else who wants to learn modern Hebrew.
Sharleen Harty
Sharleen Harty
I am a new, English-speaking migrant to Israel: during the first 5 months all migrants attend 4 hours a day of intensive (and free) Hebrew lessons. However, my 20 fellow migrant students in North Israel were entirely Russian speaking, and the teacher spoke very limited English so at the end of each day I went home with more Russian than Hebrew. I was confused at many levels by the daunting process of learning a new language through a language I did not know.

Using HebrewPod101 I was able to: differentiate between the dominant Russian heard in class, versus a clearly articulated Hebrew audio track on line; cultivate a more authentic (less Russian or English) Hebrew accent using transliteration and audio playbacks; study the Hebrew written alphabet and build a small vocabulary I could use through the individual, daily words.

Although I stopped attending “Hebrew-Russian” classes after 1 month, I continue to learn on-line with HebrewPod101 as as I set up a home in Israel, make friends and seek work. As such, it allows me the freedom to prioritize my day time activities, and study at night if necessary.


Evelyn R
Evelyn R.

I never ever thought I could learn Hebrew! Thanks to your program I am able to understand and speak some of the very basics.
I am a Sunday School teacher in a Baptist church but we are aware of the chosen people of God and yearn for the knowledge and understanding of our Saviors’ language (even though He spoke others.) I praise you to Heaven for this revelation explosion! God will surely bless you mightily for all your effort in this course!

God Bless,

Ryan Allen
Ryan Allen

תודה רבה
Thank you so much, I am equally grateful and impressed by the efficiency of this site; it is just like being in a classroom except you can learn at your own pace and track your progress. The audio downloads and vocabulary lists are great.

Russell Montgomery
Russell Montgomery

Hebrewpod101.com has helped me advance in my acquisition of Hebrew because I can make use of any idle time by accessing either their website or apps with my iPhone and iPad. I can be waiting for an appointment or an event and I can make use of that time to continue practicing Hebrew. By adding in all these bits of time I get the bonus of an extra 30 minutes or hour daily and this has greatly increased my vocabulary and understanding of the language.

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