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Gabriella: Listeners, we’re revealing New language learning apps and news lessons of 2014... right now!
Gabriella: Welcome to Innovative Language.com Sunday News! I'm Gabriella and I'll be hosting today's Sunday news with the founder of Innovative Language... Peter!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Gabriella: In this Sunday News, we’re talking features and why December is the MONTH to sign up!
Peter: Listeners... we’re prepping some major language lessons and features for you.
Gabriella: We’re releasing a brand new iPhone App that’ll give you access to our learning system on the go...
Peter: ...Custom Word Lists to learn more vocabulary and share with other users...
Gabriella: ...New video series for all of our languages...
Peter: And December IS the month to join in and take advantage of these amazing new features.
Gabriella: We’ll tell you more about these in a just a second.
Peter: But first, a quick mention: we’ve got a Cyber Monday Special going on until tomorrow, midnight!
Gabriella: Listeners, this is the biggest online sale of the year and that includes language learning.
Peter: So, get 1 whole year of premium access for just $90 until December 2nd, 2013.
Gabriella: That’s 50% OFF to have complete access to our advanced learning system.
Peter: The link to this sale is in the lesson description on the site, just below the lesson player.
Gabriella: Click it and take advantage of 50% off 1-year Premium!
Peter: So, Gabriella, the listeners want to know what’s coming in 2014.
Gabriella: What isn’t coming? We’ve got new 2,000 audio and video lessons ready for our 29 languages
Peter: Wow. That’s just for the first half of the year. Any hints? Any brand new series?
Gabriella: You can expect new Pronunciation video lessons for Japanese and Korean
Peter: Also our brand new “Can Do” video series for Japanese, Spanish, French and others!
Gabriella: Just so you know, the “Can Do” series take you from zero to functioning in a language with real life examples.
Peter: I can’t wait to see those either. So, listeners.. on top of the lessons, there’s more!
Gabriella: Up next is the Free Innovative Language App for the iPhone and iPad
Peter: quick interjection Android’s on the way too by the way!
Gabriella: You get complete access to our language learning site with your existing account. Whether you’re a Free Lifetime User, Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS.
Peter: You’re get complete access on the app, anywhere you go!
Gabriella: That’s right. So all the lessons, progress tracking tools, premium tools, and lesson notes are accessible from your iPhone or iPad.
Peter: Expect this app very soon listeners! We’ve submitted it to iTunes last week!
Gabriella: Then there’s the Custom Word List, listeners.
Peter: Simply put... you create, study and share your Japanese wordlists with other learners.
Gabriella: And web app is available on all devices... iPhone, Android, Tablet, PC, Mac, Kindle.
Peter: But right now, it’s exclusively for 12 and 24-month premium users.
Gabriella: It’s kind of like social language learning, isn’t it, Peter.
Peter: It is. You can take advantage of words and lists created by other users and add them to your lists
Gabriella: And when create your own words, you can take a picture and upload it!
Peter: So this is just a small preview of what’s coming.
Gabriella: Listeners, what features do you want to see in 2014? Let us know and leave a comment!
Peter: And if you want to get exclusive access to all these new features... December is the month to join.
Gabriella: Not only because of the features, but we’ll have huge holiday-only language learning discount this month.
Peter: So you will NOT see them in 2014, which makes December the best time to start.
Gabriella: : Remember, we have our Cyber Monday 50% off deal ending tomorrow.
Peter: Get 1 whole year of premium access for just $90 until December 2nd, 2013.
Gabriella: By the way, this will give you access to our new Custom Word List.
Peter: So if you want that, on top of getting access to all lessons, lesson notes and premium tools...
Gabriella: Take advantage of our Cyber Monday offer... or our other upcoming deals. December is the month to join.
Gabriella: And that’s all we've got time for– You’ve been listening to Innovative Language.com Sunday News!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Gabriella: Thank you for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.


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What features would you like to see at HebrewPod101.com in 2014?

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Hi Jonathan,

Thank you so much for your comment! The App for Hebrew is not ready yet, so please stay tuned for more news!

For now, you could access our site with the mobile friendly page: https://www.hebrewpod101.com/mobile-web/

I'll also share your excitement with our team!

Kind regards,


Team HebrewPod101.com

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I'm already a Premium member, a little over a week now. I've already learned so much, thank you for your hard work and given at great deals! My question is how, when and where can users like me go and download this new app for free? I'm excited to here the upgrade and look forward to useing it when wi-fi is not available and not useing my data plan! Great help!!! Looking forward to hearing back from you.

תודה רבה Thank you very much,

יונתן Jonathan