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Chigusa: Listeners! Here’s the final, secret holiday language deal of 2019...
Peter: ...but we warn you...many of you might NOT have a chance to grab it!
Chigusa: Welcome to Innovative Language Sunday News! I'm Chigusa and I'll be your host. My co-host today is the founder of InnovativeLanguage.com... Peter Galante!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Chigusa: In this Sunday News, we’re extending our Holiday Countdown with one last offer!
Peter: This is the final, secret language deal we didn’t tell you about.
Chigusa: Listeners, there’s a secret deal that we didn’t tell you about. What is it?
Peter: Stay tuned. But first... get ready.
Chigusa: Brand new language learning features are coming in 2020.
Peter: We’re releasing over 4,700 new audio and video lessons across all of our language sites.
Chigusa: That’s over 780 hours of lessons!
Peter: So in addition to our existing library, you’re getting access to new video lessons like the Conversational Phrases Series...
Chigusa: …the Listening Comprehension lessons, Extensive Reading Books...
Peter: ...and the Inner Circle series...
Chigusa: ...which is a course on how to master language with proven strategies.
Peter: So save now. Start now. And secure access to all the incredible features coming in 2020. Do it now for a fraction of the price!
Chigusa: Okay listeners, the final secret deal starts right now.
Peter: And the final secret deal is...Pick Your Favorite Deal from the Holiday Countdown!
Chigusa: But it’s not just any deal... and not everyone can take advantage.
Peter: The truth is... many of our Holiday Deals are sold out. We can’t offer any more space.
Chigusa: But listeners, here’s what Peter and I did.
Peter: We saved the Top 4 Deals of the Countdown... just for you.
Chigusa: We saved our biggest discount of the year - 55% OFF 24-month Premium.
Peter: Then there’s our best seller - 47% OFF Basic, Premium and Premium PLUS.
Chigusa: There’s the craziest offer we’ve ever made...
Peter: Lifetime Premium Access for 1, 3, or all 34 of our languages.
Chigusa: So, if you want to become fluent and have our program for life...
Peter: ...you’ll definitely want to check out our Lifetime Premium.
Chigusa: If you want learn more about Lifetime Premium, click the link the comments section of this Sunday News. We’ll leave a link there.
Peter: By the way listeners, get any one of these 3 offers and you’re guaranteed access to our new features in 2020.
Chigusa: And the last deal is 50% OFF all language learning Audiobooks and eBooks...
Peter: ...in our Innovative Language Store. But like we said, not everyone can save.
Chigusa: Right. Each deal has only 101 spots. After those 101 spots are gone...
Peter: We’re done. These deals are gone forever. And the price goes back up.
Chigusa: So what happens if you wait until 2020 to learn a language?
Peter: Well, one thing's for sure, Chigusa... You’ll be paying a lot more than if you join now!
Chigusa: Got that, listeners? Now is the time. Pick the best language learning deals right now.
Peter: And get them for the best prices. This is your chance!
Chigusa: But remember – We’re only doing this for the first 101 listeners.
Peter: It’s first come, first serve. So click the link in the comments section of this Sunday News...
Chigusa: And pick a deal before all 101 spots are filled!
Peter: Get up to 55% off our complete language learning program....
Chigusa: That’s as little as $4.50 a month to master your language.
Peter: You get unlimited access to all of our lessons, lesson notes, exclusive apps, study tools and more!
Chigusa: Plus you’ll be first in line to unlock the new features!
Peter: So listeners. Save now. Start now. And secure access to all the incredible features coming in 2020.
Chigusa: Click the link in the comments section of this Sunday News to get up to 55% OFF.


Chigusa: And that’s all we've got time for– You’ve been listening to Innovative Language.com Sunday News!*
Peter: Bye everyone!*
Chigusa: Thank you for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.*


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Click Here To “Pick the Best Hebrew Deal” & Get Up to 60% OFF



Some of the remaining deals are:

  • 55% OFF 24-Month Premium
  • 60% OFF Lifetime Premium for 1, 3, or all 34 Languages
  • 47% OFF Basic, Premium & Premium PLUS
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Hi Aaron Mulner,

Thanks for posting.

You can find many examples of our lessons online, for example on YouTube, but they don't include other learning materials that are offered on the website.

There is a possibility to play the lessons slower (50% or 75% speed) and a comment section for support.

There are vocabulary sections and an option to add words to a learning list, as well as quizzes and many more learning materials.

Please let us know may you have any more questions - we will be happy to assist 👍



Team HebrewPod101.com

Aaron Mulner
Sunday at 11:45 PM
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Okay, I just spent five minutes listening to capitalistic smutz, but never got an example of HebrewPod101 conversation, or reading examples. That is what I was looking for. I want to see how easily it would be to follow a listening comprehension sample for a high intermediate learner--are vocabulary included? Can I alter narrative speeds? On reading comprehension examples, is vocabulary included? I get at least 10 ads each day from HebrewPod101, but never EXAMPLES, which show that if I bought it, could I follow it, or would it just be another fake subscription.