Lesson Transcript

When learning a new language, we sometimes have a hard time with things like procrastination, discouragement or failure,
but don’t panic!
With a good strategy, you’ll be able to overcome these difficulties.
Are you ready to discover the 4 habits of successful learners?
Number 1: Optimize your time
When learning a language it's important to dedicate time to study regularly, even if sometimes it's difficult.
You’re busy with school, work, family or friends.... but you can spread out your learning throughout the day!
Study whenever you have small gaps of time in your busy schedule... This could be when you're on the metro, on your lunch break, or while exercising.
Our podcast learning format fits perfectly into your tight schedule!
Number 2: Consistency with your chosen method
There are lot of options when it comes to courses and learning materials.
Switching from a method to another can confuse you and disrupt your progress. Focusing on one learning method will make will make the difference. Our method has been created and optimized by real teachers. So you can stick with it with confidence!
Number 3: Use your language background
Many languages share some commonalities. You can find words that look or sound similar, or even share the same grammar structure.
A little bit of language background will give you an edge while learning.
Number 4: Study continuously
People are excited when they start learning a new language. The enthusiasm usually lasts only until the first roadblock. This leads to discouragement and procrastination. But don’t burn yourself out! Learning a language is a marathon, not a sprint!
Don’t try to learn it all at once, break things down into more digestible chunks. Learning step-by-step might feel slow, but is an efficient way to learn a language!
With patience, motivation and the good resources, you’ll master the language.
Remember, you can’t learn a new language overnight, but with motivation and these daily lessons you’ll be on the road to fluency.
Give it a try now!
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