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Becky: Welcome to a special Inner Circle Audio Lesson! I'm Becky and I'll be your host. My co-host today is the founder of InnovativeLanguage.com... Peter Galante!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Becky: In this Inner Circle, we’re talking how Technology Meets Technique:
Peter: ...the 7 Tested, Timeless Ways to Learn Language.
Becky: You’ll learn...
Peter: ...One: The 7 Premium and Premium PLUS Study Tools You Should Use Right Now
Peter: And Two: How I Apply These To My Study Routine
Becky: ...All so you can master your target language and finally reach your goals!
Peter: Listeners, welcome back.
Becky: Last time, you learned all about the routine reminder checklist...
Peter: or... how to maintain your routine with an actionable checklist...
Becky: That’s right. Things that you can do right now with our learning system...
Peter: ...and improve your language.
Becky: That was a big checklist, Peter.
Peter: Listeners, we covered... everything. From lessons you can use on the site...
Becky: ...to how you can learn with audio and video lessons.
Peter: ...and all the way down to the tactics you can apply in your own time...
Becky: ...like listening to music in your target language.
Peter: That was a big list, and listeners, it was meant to give you some inspiration...
Becky: ...and ideas for when you get bored of your current routine.
Peter: It was kind of a sheer quantity over quality.
Becky: Really? Lots of listeners said they loved having a big list to choose from.
Peter: Well, today, we’re going to focus on quality over quantity. The tested, timeless ways...
Becky: ...and techniques you can learn with our advanced learning technology.
Becky: Listeners, this is the topic of today’s Inner Circle.
Peter: Technology Meets Technique: The 7 Tested, Timeless Ways to Learn Language
Becky: And today, you’ll learn...
Peter: ...One: The 7 Premium and Premium PLUS Study Tools You Should Use Right Now
Peter: And Two: How I Apply These To My Study Routine
Becky: Peter, before we get into it...
Peter: Yes?
Becky; You promised us 6 minutes of German conversation. That was your goal for the month.
Peter: You know, Becky, it’s really nice that you always hold me accountable...
Becky: ....you didn’t reach it, did you?
Peter: Well I did not. That’s why I say... you holding me accountable is a nice thing!
Becky: Oh!
Peter: 6 minutes of conversation was tough and that’s why we revisited today’s topic.
Becky: So I take it that you used the checklist we talked about last time.
Peter: Actually, this time, I did it a bit differently. See, the checklist served as a great starting point.
Becky: Right...
Peter: I could try out new methods and add some to my routine and subtract some.
Becky: And this time?
Peter: After experimenting and failing, I used this as an opportunity to settle on just a few.
Becky: Ah, so that’s what you mean by quality over quantity.
Peter: The quantity was a little too much, so exactly, Becky. And I want to share how exactly you can apply our technology...
Becky: ...and learn fast with timeless and tested techniques.
Peter: Let’s get into that first part.
Becky: One: The 7 Premium and Premium PLUS Study Tools You Should Use Right Now
Peter: Listeners, the first thing you need to know is...
Becky:.. that you already have access to this technology.
Peter: So, here are the 7 study tools you must take advantage of...
Becky: ...and the tested learning techniques that you can apply.
Peter: Number One: The Technology: Line-by-Line Audio.
Becky: The learning technique you can apply here, listeners, is shadowing.
Peter: This simply means, repeating the lines out loud as you hear them.
Becky: So as you listen to the dialogue, you can read along...
Peter: ...and read out loud and shadow the native speaker. This is one proven technique that will seriously improve your speaking.
Becky: Listeners, there are other ways you can learn with the Line-by-Line.
Peter: You can perfect your reading and comprehension skills.
Becky: Read along as you take a lesson and understand everything.
Peter: And as you read along and come across target words, say them out loud. Perfect your listening skills by listening to lines of the dialog again and again.
Becky: And perfect your pronunciation by recording yourself...
Peter: ...and comparing with a native speaker.
Becky: You can do ALL of that with just one powerful tool.
Peter: So, shadowing, pronunciation, listening, reading, and comprehension...
Becky: ...these are all important skills that you can improve with this tested tool.
Peter: Number Two: The Technology: The Vocabulary Lists
Becky: And the technique here is: having more talking points.
Peter: One of the problems or one of the most common problems with most beginners is they run out of things to say.
Becky: Their vocabulary is limited. They can’t talk about the things they’re interested in...
Peter: ...and they can’t last very long in a conversation.
Becky: ...so building a list of talking points will not only help you speak MORE of the language...
Peter: ...but you’ll also have a list of words and phrases for topics you’re truly interested in.
Becky: So the Vocab Lists give you all of the relevant words and phrases for specific topics...
Peter: ...that you’d otherwise have to look up in a dictionary. You get it all up front.
Becky But it gets better.
Peter: That’s right. Listeners, you can send your lists to the Word Bank or Flashcards....
Becky: ...which is what we’ll get into next.
Peter: Number Three: The technology: The Word Bank
Becky: And the learning technique here is... building your own language profile.
Peter: As we discussed in a previous Inner Circle. So, the Word Bank is your personal collection of words. Any new word you learn...
Becky: ...or you’re interested in, you can save it there.
Peter: And just as we talked about talking points before....
Becky: ...You can send the Vocab Lists to the Word Bank....
Peter: ...and now you have a collection of words and phrases that match your interests and lifestyle...
Becky: In other words, your language learning profile.
Peter: Listeners, if you remember, we talked about this in a previous Inner Circle.
Becky: Your language learning profile is your personal list of words and phrases that are most relevant to you.
Peter: Exactly. Everyone’s is different. The topics a 40-year-old wants to talk about...
Becky: ...their kids, their work, their busy day, vacations...
Peter: ...will be totally different from what a 20-year-old wants to talk about.
Becky: Right, they’ll probably want to know slang and talk about going out.
Peter: So with the Word Bank, you can create your very own language learning profile.
Becky: Let’s move on to the next one, Peter:
Peter: Number Four: The Technology: Smart Flashcards
Becky: The technique here? It’s spaced repetition learning.
Peter: Hold on, Becky. Spaced repetition...Let’s explain what that means one more time.
Becky: Ok, listeners, picture this. You’re sitting in front of a teacher. And... they show you cards with vocabulary on them. One by one. The answer is on the back. Either you know it or you don’t.
Peter: Right. If you don’t know a word or a phrase... your teacher will make sure to show you that card more often... until you master the meaning.
Becky: ...and they’ll skip the easy ones for you. Your teacher sorts the words based on your needs.
Peter: That’s how spaced repetition works. You study the words. And the ones you don’t know...
Becky: ...you’ll see much more often.
Peter: This is a super effective method for memorizing new vocab.
Becky: I kind of like it because it’s mindless work. A lot of learning requires complete concentration. You can just shuffle through with this. Either you know it or you don’t....
Peter: Mindless. I like that. The heavy lifting. Well, let’s say the heavy lifting is done on the technology side. And the Flashcard system will sort the rest out for you.
Becky: Now, on the next Premium Tool...
Peter: Listeners, you can use this next one with our Flashcards...
Becky: ...and reach conversational fluency. Let’s see what it is.
Peter: Number Five: The technology: The Core Word Lists
Becky: This is a list of the 2,000 must-know words and phrases.
Peter: The technique? Curated words that you absolutely need for fluency.
Becky: Listeners, the fact is, there are tons of words out there that you don’t need to know.
Peter: Exactly. That’s why this is so important. Here, you get carefully selected words and phrases...
Becky: ..broken down by category...
Peter: ...and they’re a must for everyday life.
Becky: The Core Word Lists give you just the ones you actually need to know.
Peter: Remember, to master them, send them to your Flashcards.
Becky: ...or to your Word Bank for casual review. What’s next, Peter?
Peter: Number Six: The Technology: The Daily Dose of Language App
Becky: And the technique is timely, relevant, and cultural lessons.
Peter: So, if today is a holiday in Japan... you’re learning Japanese....
Becky: ...the truth is, most learners will never know about it.
Peter: But with the Daily Dose, you get timely lessons, holiday lessons, cultural lessons...
Becky: ...and you can use that as a talking point as well!
Peter: Exactly, Becky! That’s right. This App gives you topics to talk about and...
Becky: ...If you can talk to a native speaker about a holiday...or a cultural point...
Peter: ...you’re making some serious language learning progress.
Becky: Listeners, you already have full access to this new App.
Peter: Right. And with it, you get daily, bite-sized lessons.
Becky: Also, Peter, what makes this tool so powerful is that it keeps you on track with daily reminders.
Peter: You got it, Becky. Motivating yourself can be tricky...
Becky: ...But this App does not quit on you. It reminds you every day to check your lesson.
Peter: And this helps you build consistency...
Becky: ...which is extremely important for success...in anything you do in life.
Peter: So, if you can stick with quick, easy lessons every day...
Becky: ...you’re absolutely guaranteed to master your target language.
Peter: There’s no arguing against the power of consistency.
Becky: Alright, Number Seven...
Peter: The Technology? 1-on-1 Learning with Your Premium PLUS Teacher
Becky: And the learning technique?
Peter: Getting instant feedback.
Becky: Listeners, you get direct, 1-on-1 access to your own teacher...
Peter: ...and this is, without a doubt, the best language practice you can get.
Becky: Saving the best for last, huh, Peter?
Peter: You got it, Becky. Listeners, with this you can...
Becky: ...send questions, casual exchanges, or just practice with your teacher.
Peter: They’ll send corrections and feedback so that you’re always improving.
Becky: And feedback from a native speaker is the fastest way to improve.
Peter: Your teacher will also send you assignments, and they’ll hold you accountable...
Becky: ...like I do with your goals, Peter!
Peter: Haha… Thank you, Becky. That’s exactly why I can’t fail, Becky. I’ve got you.
Becky: Listeners, you can also record yourself...and your teacher will do a voice analysis...
Peter: They’ll tell you just how close you are to a native speaker and how to improve.
Becky: By the way, one thing we should mention is that you can do this all on the go.
Peter: Great point, Becky. Listeners, if you have the Innovative Language 101 App...
Becky: ...You can get in touch and learn with your teacher anywhere, anytime.
Peter: So now you know what’s proven to get you learning fast.
Becky: Let’s get into the second part.
Peter: So listeners, here’s something a little bit different in this Inner Circle. Becky?
Becky: Part two: How Peter Applies These To His Study Routine
Peter: Okay, listeners, as I mentioned, I didn’t have success last month but that’s okay. You got to keep trying. So this month, I know I’m going to succeed because I’m going to share it with you in case you need a bit of inspiration....
Becky: ...feel free to steal these ideas for yourself.
Peter: Here are my exact routines. Every morning, I get the Daily Dose of Language notification on my iPhone at 8AM. In fact, this is my alarm clock.
Becky: Huh, I bet you didn’t see that coming... The Daily Dose also serves as an alarm clock!
Peter: Haha… While my mind is fresh in the morning, I check my German lesson. And remember, these lessons are quick. I literally spend a minute learning a new phrase, or some w cultural insight or something about German or German culture. But, I do this every day because consistency is critical.
Becky: Alright, what’s next?
Peter: My GermanPod101 lessons. I typically take one or two on my morning commute to work. That takes about 30 minutes. It’s around 10AM. I’ll watch a video lesson or listen to an audio lesson. And the great thing is, the Line-by-Line Audio is on the App. While I listen to the lesson, I use it to read along.
Becky: What about the translations? Do you use those?
Peter: Of course, I switch back and forth from German to English when I don’t understand a word.
Becky: Ah, I see.
Peter: After the lesson is done, I’ll use the Line-by-Line to shadow. I play the lines again and again and afterwards, I repeat them. Just to make sure that I understand every... single... word. It’s easy to get the gist of a sentence without knowing everything... but I want to understand it 100%. And... the Line-by-Line really helps with that.
Becky: And you do this all on your morning commute?
Peter: Okay, Becky, a bit of confession. I try to do it daily. And it takes about 20 minutes in total. You know, I leave a bit of time to check emails, the NBA playoff scores, and read the news and things like that.
Becky: What about the Word Bank?
Peter: The Word Bank, ah and the Flashcards, I usually use these at home!
Becky: How come?
Peter: They require a bit more focus on my part. So, it’s a bit of active learning; I’m actually engaging. So, when I get home around 7PM... I don’t start studying until 10PM.
Becky: Until the kids are in bed?
Peter: Can’t study until they’re in bed. And I have about 2 hours to decompress.. Haha… So, at 10PM, I come back to the lessons I took in the morning, I review the line-by-line and the lesson vocab. Then I send the words to both the Word Bank and the the Flashcards.
Becky: How do you study with the Flashcards?
Peter: With Flashcards, I like to make decks based on lesson series. Every time I finish a lesson in a series, I add more words. You can create decks based on lessons alone if you want. And then I review and drill for about 15 minutes.
Becky: You do a lot of you reviewing at night then. What about the Core Word Lists?
Peter: Well, I have separate Flashcard decks for that, broken down by categories.
Becky: So, clothing, daily phrases, food, adjectives, that kind of thing?
Peter: Exactly. It’s a lot easier to learn words that they’re grouped like that.
Becky: Ah, yes, it does sound more manageable than drilling all 2,000 at once.
Peter: Exactly, because the more words you know....
Becky: ...the more of the language you speak.
Peter: So I give this about 10 minutes of my time.
Becky: Great. What about your GermanPod101 Premium PLUS teacher?
Peter: That’s the final part of my routine. Usually, either I’m submitting an assignment to her... or receiving feedback about a previous one. Right now, my biggest issue is with verb tense. So, my teacher spends a lot of time correcting those and seeing the corrections really sticks in my brain.
Becky: So you get lots of feedback here.
Peter: So in total, I spend about 30 minutes on this. And sometimes, I also send her audio recordings!
Becky: ...trying to perfect the German accent?
Peter: Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to master that one because... it’s really super, tricky, Becky! But, because My Teacher gives me non-stop feedback, I think, or you know, she says I’m getting better and better.
Becky: Right. Having your own teacher is definitely a timeless and tested way to learn fast.
Peter: So, that is my - lets say - daily routine in a nutshell. But, as you noticed, that’s quite an intense day, would you say, Becky?
Becky: I would say... especially with 3 kids, decompression required!
Peter: So here’s one important thing. For me, I never miss the Premium PLUS interaction with my teacher. I can at least use some of the stuff I learned that day. I will honestly say, I cannot keep this schedule every single day so I try to prioritize and Premium PLUS is at the top of the list. And listening to the lessons, in audio or video format, is also at the top of my list. This is just an idea of a perfect day, but by no means is it my every day.
Becky: Alright, Peter. Let’s talk goals.
Peter: Alright. Becky, so direct! I’m aiming for a solid 8 minutes of German conversation.
Becky: Deadline?
Peter: Becky, you’re really strict today! Armed with this new approach, I’m goign to try by May 31st, 2016.
Becky: I just want to see you succeed, Peter. Tough love, you know?
Peter: Listeners, be sure to set your small, monthly goals with a deadline as well.
Becky: And let us know. Which of these Premium and Premium PLUS tools have you been using?
Peter: ...and which tested, proven methods have you been ignoring?
Becky: Email us and tell us at inner dot circle at innovativelanguage dot com.
Peter: And stay tuned for the next Inner Circle.


Becky: Well, that’s going to do it for this special Inner Circle lesson!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Becky: Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you next time.