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Lesson Transcript

Yaara: Hello, welcome to Hebrew weekly words with me, Yaara! And today’s theme is... oh, “in your wallet”. That’s going to be a short one.
So “wallet” in Hebrew is ארנק (arnak). Here is my ארנק (arnak), and okay, let’s see what is the first word.
רישיון נהיגה
(rishyon nehiga)
“driver’s license”
.קיבלתי את רישיון הנהיגה שלי כשהייתי בת שבע-עשרה
(kibalti et rishyon ha-nehiga sheli kshe-hayiti bat shva esre.)
“I got my driver’s license when I was 17 years old.”
כרטיס אשראי
(kartis ashrai)
“credit card”
הגזמתי עם הקניות החודש, אז גזרו לי את כרטיס האשראי.
(higzamti im ha-kniyot ha-ħodesh, az gazru li et kartis ha-ashrai.)
“I went too far with the shopping this month, so they had to cut my credit card.”
I am not very good at collecting them, but I know people that live off coupons, like, they only buy with coupons.
.יש לי קופונים בשווי אלף שקלים
(yesh li kuponim be-shovi elef shkalim.)
“I have a 1000 shekel worth of coupons.”
The full term is כסף מזומן (kesef mezuman) - “cash money”
.סליחה, אנחנו מקבלים רק כסף מזומן
(sliħa, anaħnu mekablim rak kesef mezuman.)
“I am sorry, we only accept cash.”
כרטיס ביקור
(kartis bikur)
“business card”
The card you give to someone you meet, it can be person’s card, it can be a business card.
?אפשר לקבל את כרטיס הביקור שלכם, בבקשה
(efshar lekabel et kartis ha-bikur shela’khem, bevakasha?)
“Can I have your business card, please?” Well of course, here is my business card.
And this is the end, we were talking about things that you have in your wallet. Thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to check out the website and we will see you next week, bye! Now I remember, yeah. And it’s for life.


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Which word do you like the most?

Monday at 10:56 PM
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Hi קנדרה,

Thanks for your posting and sharing this.

Very interesting slang, do you know where is it coming from, actually?

Keep up the great work 👍



Team HebrewPod101.com

Monday at 05:48 AM
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המילה האהוב עלי היא ׳קופון׳.

In America, we have a slang term for money - "moolah" - literally pronounced "moo-lah"

At least in California, that is.

תודה רבה על השיעור.


Thursday at 04:24 AM
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Hi קמילה,

Thanks for posting and for sharing this ❤️️

Well done! perfectly written 👍

Keep up the good work!



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Wednesday at 01:39 AM
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אני שונאת כשאי אפשר לשלם בכרטיס אשראי כי לעיתים קרובות אין לי הרבה מזומן .

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Thursday at 11:41 PM
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Hi Adrian Rodriguez,

Thanks for the great feedback and for sharing the good news! Visiting Israel is an excellent opportunity to practice all you've learnt (and learn some more!)

Hope you will enjoy it, let us know how it went :wink:


Team Hebrewpod101.com

Adrian Rodriguez
Monday at 09:27 PM
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Yaara, I just love learning Hebrew language through Reading hearing and more studying. I do this with hebrewpod101 and hearing YouTube Hebrew songs. I will be going to Israel this summer and hope to use my new Hebrew language skills as much as I can. thank you so much for your help through this website.


Adrian Rodriguez

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Hi Shelley,

חחח :smile:



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Monday at 09:51 AM
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Hi Shelley,

Thank you for posting! Your sentence is perfect! :smile:



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Thursday at 12:31 PM
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בארנק של יערה יש כרטיס ביקור, רישיון נהיגה, קופנים, קצת מזומן, וגם חכי חשוב כרטיס אשראי In Yara's wallet there is a business card, a driver's license, coupons, a little money, and also most importantly a credit card.