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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Weekly Hebrew Words. I’m Idit and today, we’re going to talk about sports. Yeah!!!!
(Beisbol) “baseball”
אני לא מכירה הרבה אנשים שמשחקים בייסבול
(Ani lo mekira harbe anashim shemesachkim beisbol) “I don't know many people who play baseball.”
I remember one time in Junior High when they had us play baseball and my hand-eye coordination is really bad, there is a word that the Hebrew Academy made for it, but didn’t catch on and people don’t use it and that is
כדור בסיס
(kadur basis).
(kadur) means “ball”,
(basis) means “base”. Nobody really says
כדור בסיס
(kadur basis). They just say “baseball”.
(Igruf) “boxing”
כשהייתי בצבא, עשיתי איגרוף
(K'shehayti batsava, asiti igruf.) “When I was in the army, I used to box.”
That is actually true. When I was in the army, I just had a simple desk job that was quite boring, but I was just so bored from sitting down and just typing away all day that on the evenings, I always used to go to boxing lessons. Yeah, that was pretty awesome and I did that for a long time and I went every day because I had nothing else to do with my life.
(Kadursal) “basketball”
אם הייתי גבוהה הייתי משחקת כדורסל
(Im haiti gvoha haiiti mesacheket kadursal.) “If I were tall, I’d play basketball.”
I think it’s a really nice sport,
(kaduregel) “soccer”
את הולכת לצפות בגביע היורו? לא אני לא כל כך אוהבת כדורגל
(At holechet litspot begvia hayuro? lo, ani lo kol kakh ohevet kaduregel.) “Are you going to watch the Euro cup? No, I don't really like soccer.”
Soccer is the most popular sport in Israel. I wouldn’t say the Israeli team is very good, but they’re doing their best.
טניס שולחן
(tenis shulchan) “ping-pong”
אתה אוהב לשחק טניס? לא, אבל אני משחק טניס שולחן
(Ata ohev tenis? lo, aval ani mesachek tenis shulchan) “Do you like playing tennis? No, but I like ping-pong.”
I don’t think it’s a very hard sport on your body, but I remember this episode from Friends when Phoebe and her boyfriend were playing against Monica and Chandler. Yeah, Monica was like with her hair all like this and she was like, arghh, and playing tennis like an insane person and she’s very competitive obviously and she’s used to being quite stronger than even her older brother, Ross, because she used to be quite fat. She’s a perfectionist so she has to be super competitive and win everything. I like this episode because it feels kind of weird and funny. Chandler, yeah!
Okay, everybody, these were the weekly words for this time. Let me know in the comments below what’s your favorite sport for watching and exercising. Mine is boxing for exercising and for watching, I think basketball. And yeah, I’ll see you all next week with more Hebrew words and don’t forget to check out HebrewPod101.com for more content and more Hebrew words. Bye!


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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Which word do you like the most?

Sunday at 07:39 PM
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Hi קנדרה

Thanks for posting on this!

Correct, the full Romanization should be: "Ata ohev lesakhek tenis? lo, aval ani mesakhek tenis shulkhan"

We will fix that asap 👍



Team HebrewPod101.com

Saturday at 09:47 AM
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The romanization for "לשחק" is missing in the transcript romanization of the last example sentence!

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Tuesday at 12:43 AM
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Hi Mădăras Matei,

Thanks for commenting!

I hope you've enjoyed the lesson :)



Team HebrewPod101.com

Mădăras Matei
Saturday at 04:39 AM
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https://youtu.be/SHDXrav8Bxg-watch it!!!

Shelley Goldenberg
Saturday at 10:00 AM
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Good suggestion. Alot of repetition helps-Learning a language is a long process.

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Saturday at 12:52 AM
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Hi Shelley,

Thanks, glad I'm understood (:

Unfortunately, no, there isn't any rule I can suggest here, try to mark these cases for yourself and maybe you'll find something in common.



Team Hebrewpod101.com

Shelley Goldenberg
Sunday at 12:42 AM
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Again, so appreciate your corrections. On my second sentence Hebrew often uses the singular where english would use the plural, Sport and kind. Any rule that I can follow to remember this?

The present tense of perform starts with a mem and the general category of dance has a yud. Thanks again.

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Saturday at 05:15 PM
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Hi Shelley,

Thanks for posting!

Let's review :)

1. הספורט האהוב על אבא שלי היה אגרוף, הוא זכה בפרסים כי הכישורים שלו היו טובים מאוד - tiny typo - מאוד is with א

2. . some small corrections - editing - באפן כללי אני לא צופה בספורט אבל אני צופה ומופיעה בכל סוג של ריקוד



Team Hebrewpod101.com

Shelley Goldenberg
Wednesday at 10:35 PM
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My father's favorite sport was boxing. He won awards because his skills were very good. הספורט האהוב על אבא שלי היה אגרוף

הוא זכה בפרסים כי הכישורים שלו היו טובים מעוד

Generally, I don't watch sports, but I do watch and perform all kinds of dancing. באפן כללי אני לא צופה בספורטי אבל אני צופה והופיעה כל סוגים של רקוד