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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Weekly Hebrew Words. I’m Idit, and today we’re going to talk about At the Hotel. What you’re saying when you’re at a hotel, all the vocabulary that has to do with staying at a place that is not your own.
בית מלון
(bet malon) “hotel”
באיזה יום עושים צ'ק אין במלון?
(be'eize yom osim check in bamalon)
“On which day are we checking in to the hotel?”
In Hebrew, hotel is a combination of two words
בית מלון
(bet malon) which literally translates into “a house you sleep in”. You can also just say, instead of
בית מלון
(bet malon), just
(malon), and people will get it.
(cheder) “room”
אני רוצה חדר שפונה לים
(ani rotza cheder shepone layam)
“I want a room with an ocean view.”
Yeah, hotels in Tel Aviv usually have a view to the Mediterranean Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, which is great. If you’re staying in Jerusalem though, don’t expect to have a view to the sea because it’s not even close.
מיטת יחיד
(mitat yahid) “single bed”
אני אהיה לבד, אז אני צריכה רק מיטת יחיד
(ani eheie levad az ani tzricha rakmitat yachid)
“I’m going to be there alone, so I just need a single bed.”
The translation is exactly the same if you say
מיטת יחיד
(mitat yahid). It’s exactly just “single bed”.
מיטה זוגית
(mita zugit) “double bed”
למרות שאני לבד, נתנו לי חדר עם מיטה זוגית
(lamrot sheani levad, natnu li cheder im mita zugit)
“Even though I was alone, they brought me a room with a double bed.”
This is a nice upgrade like I think most of us are not used to sleeping on a single bed since we were teenagers like this is around the time when you get a bigger bed and even if you are sleeping alone most nights like you have more room to tumble around so yeah, nice upgrade right?
(tesher) “tip”
אתה חושב שצריך להשאיר תשר לחדרנית
(ata choshev shetzarich lehashir tesher lechadranit)
“Do you think we should leave a tip for the maid?”
So usually in most cases in Israel, when you want to say “tip”, you just say “tip” and that’s the word commonly used, but when Israelis are abroad and they’re thinking about if they should or should not give a tip to somebody without them understanding, they say
(tesher) and that’s kind of like a secret language like, “How much tip should we leave? Should we even leave one?” Like what’s the custom here like ten percent, twelve percent, twenty percent, like what do you do right?
Usually in restaurants in Israel, the tip is twelve percent, but, you know, if you’re generous if you used to be a waitress and you kind of feel bad, usually fifteen or twenty are also acceptable and normal, but I think twelve is the average.
Okay, that’s it for today everybody. Thank you very much. Tell me down below about your weird and interesting experiences from hotels and don’t forget to check out HebrewPod101.com for more content and more Hebrew words and I’ll see you all next week. Bye!


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Hi קנדרה,

Thanks for commenting on this and bringing these issues to our attention!

Yes, you're correct. On the phrase with "מיטת יחיד", Idit is actually saying:

אני הולכת להיות שם לבד, אז אני צריכה רק מיטת יחיד.

Romanization: Ani holekhet lihiot sham levad, az ani tsrikha rak mitat yakhid.

On the second phrase, Idit is saying:

למרות שאני רק לבד, הביאו לי חדר עם מיטה זוגית

Romanization: Lamrot she-ani rak levad, hevi'u li kheder im mitah zugit.

The English translations are correct in both cases...

We will make sure to make the necessary updates 👍



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Also, the sentence that Idit says for the phrase "מיטה זוגית" does not match up with what is written.

Sunday at 07:07 AM
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The sentence for "מיטת יחיד" doesn't match up with what Idit says - nor does the transcript. Please fix this.

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Hello Shelley,

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החלון של החדר בבית מלון שפונה לים הוא נוף טוב יותר

The room's window in the hotel that faces the sea is the better view.

Don't leave a tip for the maid because she never made the beds.

אל תשאיר תשר לחדרנית כי היא אף פעם לא עשה את המיטות