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Lesson Transcript

Yaara: Hi everyone, welcome to Hebrew weekly words. My name is Yaara, and today’s theme is months of the year- חודשי השנה (ħodshei ha-shana).
.יום ההולדת שלי הוא בינואר
(yom ha-huledet sheli hu be-yanuar.)
“My birthday is in January.”
מזג האוויר מתחיל להתחמם במרץ.
(mezeg ha-avir matħil le'hitħamem be-mertz.)
“The weather starts to get warm in March.” At least in Israel.
.יוני הוא החודש האחרון ללימודים
(yuni hu ha-ħodesh ha-aħaron la-limudim.)
“June is the last month of school.”
באוגוסט, תל אביב היא כמו מרק.
(be-ogust, Tel Aviv hi kmo marak.)
“In August, Tel Aviv is like a soup.”
Okay, because it’s so unbelievably hot and humid, you feel like you are swimming in soup when you walk down the street, yeah. That’s maybe not the best time to visit Israel.
ליל כל הקדושים חל באוקטובר.
(lel kol ha-kdoshim ħal be-oktober.)
“Halloween is in October.”
Halloween obviously is not an Israeli holiday, but in Israel we do celebrate Purim, which is a Jewish holiday in which you dress up and have fun, it’s a great holiday, look it up. And this is the end. So thank you very much for watching. We were talking about months of the year. Don’t forget to check the site and I will see you in the next video, bye!


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Which word do you like the most?

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Friday at 06:22 PM
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Hi Sarah,

Thank you for posting! 😄

You can find the full list here:


Thank you for studying with us!😄👍



Team HebrewPod101.com

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Dear Sarah,

Thank you for posting and for sharing your feedback.

This lesson is part of a specific series in which every time 5 different words are learned. However, when it comes to months, I can understand your point and wonder about not including all 12... I am forwarding your question. 👍

Enjoy learning Hebrew!



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Monday at 04:58 AM
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Hi, Why is this not competed? It has only 4 months, not 12 months.

Thursday at 10:10 PM
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Hi Billy,

Thanks for commenting and posting your question 😄

There is no exact match between the two calendars.

The names of the Jewish months are:

Tishrey - תשרי

cheshvan - חשוון

Kislev - כסלו

Tevet - טבת

Shvat - שבט

Adar - אדר

Nisan - ניסן

Iyar - אייר

Sivan - סיוון

Tamuz - תמוז

Av - אב

Elul - אלול

As the Jewish calendar is set according to the moon cycle, every 4 years there is a need for a correction. Then another month - Adar b (אדר ב) is added.



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Tuesday at 11:06 PM
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What are all the months of the Gregorian and Jewish calendars?


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Hi Silas Srinivas,

Thanks for commenting!

I appreciate your enthusiasm and the positive approach and I'm sure that you would learn it in no time! (:

I'm here to help with any questions about the lessons.

Happy learning!


Team Hebrewpod101.com

Silas Srinivas
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Hi !

It is nice to listen and prounce the Hebrew Words. However I felt very difficult read alphetics of Hubrew but no problem gradually I can develop it with the help of God.

Nice study!!!

Praise be to the God of Israel !!

Silas Srinivas

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Hi Gabrielle,

Thank you for posting.

We are glad to hear that you are enjoying our lessons.

Let us know if you have questions.



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Wednesday at 03:53 AM
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Shalom! I wanted to with Yaara a late/early/on time birthday! :smile:

My favorite Month of the year is October because its my birthday and Halloween is my favorite holiday.

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Hi Shelly,

Thank you! You spelled my name perfectly :smile:



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