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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody! Welcome to Weekly Hebrew Words. I’m Idit, and today we’re going to talk about Food.
(basar) “meat”
הרגע יצאתי מהחדר כושר, אני רעבה לבשר
(harega yatsati mehacheder cosher, ani re'eva lebasar)
“I just got out of the gym. I'm hungry for meat.”
I don’t know. Has this happened to you like when you just finished a really good workout and what you’re hungry for is like protein? Yeah, meat sometimes. You can’t avoid it. You just need it right?
פירות ים
(perot yam) “seafood”
אני לא אוכלת פירות ים, אני שומרת כשרות
(ani lo ochelet perot yam ani shomeret kashrut)
“I don't eat seafood; I keep kosher.”
You really have to - when you go to restaurants in Israel like you really have to notice if they’re kosher or not. Most of them are.
(orez) “rice”
אני לא מצליחה להכין אורז כמו שצריך, אני צריכה להתקשר לאמא שלי
(ani lo matslicha lehachin orez kmo shetsarich, ani tsricha lehitkasher leima sheli)
“I can't make rice properly. I need to call my mom.”
I don’t know like in Asia, most of the countries have those rice cookers. In Israel, it’s not quite so common and also the type of rice is different because it’s more long and hard so you cook just in a pot and if you don’t really have experience doing it, it’s really easy to mess it up. The first few times - a lot of few times that I tried to cook rice, I really messed it up and I was like calling my mom like, “Mom, can you tell me how to make rice?”
(lechem) “bread”
יש לכם אולי לחם ללא גלוטן
(yesh lachem ulay lechem lelo gluten?)
“Do you maybe have gluten-free bread?”
When you have a food allergy in Israel, people would most probably like a hundred percent accommodate you because it’s very common and gluten-free bread is very, very simple.
לחם גלוטן
(lechem lelo gluten)
(uga) “cake”
היה לי קשה יום קשה, אני צריכה עוגה
(haya li yom kashe, ani tsricha uga)
“I had such a rough day; I need a cake.”
Please, cake, yes, one of my favorite things. And also, a custom I guess in a lot of places is to make a birthday cake obviously for kids who have birthdays. In Israel, it’s most of the time like the same kind of rectangular chocolate cake with some Funfetti on the top and candles. Honestly, like that’s the best cake you can have.
So thanks, everybody! This was this week’s weekly words about food. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite food is. My favorite food is any type of Thai food. So yeah, share to me like what’s your favorite dish and what’s your favorite cuisine and I’ll see you all next week for more Hebrew words. Don’t forget to check out HebrewPod101 for more content and more Hebrew and see you next week. Bye!