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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! I’m Idit. Welcome to Weekly Hebrew Words and today, we’re going to talk about drinks. Yeah!
(kaffe) “coffee”
נשתה עוד כוס קפה?
(nishte od kos kaffe?) “Maybe we'll have one more coffee?”
Yeah, coffee, that’s my favorite drink ever. I started drinking coffee way too young, I think maybe when I was like six I guess. So when I was a little girl, my grandmother used to make me this strong Turkish coffee with a residue on the bottom and it’s really quite potent. And then she’d give me a jar of biscuits and I would dip biscuits in the coffee until all the coffee ran out. So yeah, thanks grandmother, I’m really short now.
(bira) “beer”
איזה בירה אתה רוצה? חצי או שליש
(eize bira ata rotse? chetsi o shlish) “What beer do you want? A half or a third?”
So in Israel, you calculate beers by a third or a half of a liter. We don’t have pints or anything like that. It’s just either a third of a liter, half a liter or a full liter or a pitcher. And there used to be like this saying,
שליש זה מביש
(shlish ze mevish), like, “a third is disgraceful” like nobody drinks a third of a liter like be a proper human being and get a half. But some beers are very strong and drinking a third of them is okay. Don’t ever let anybody tell you not to drink a third of a liter. That’s perfectly fine.
(chalav) “milk”
אני קצת רגישה לחלב אז אני אשתה קפה שחור
(ani ktzat regisha lechalav az ani eshte kaffe shachor) “I'm a bit sensitive to milk, so I'll have my coffee black.”
Also, quite common for people, I think most people are somewhat sensitive to lactose or milk or just don’t like the flavor. So I have my coffees with soy milk and you say that in Hebrew
חלב סויה
(chalav soya). So if you’re sensitive, always remember to ask for
חלב סויה
(chalav soya).
(mayim) “water”
תשתו משהו? לא, רק מים בבקשה
(tishtu mashehu? lo, rak mayim bevakasha) “Would you have something to drink? No, just water please.”
So in Israel like many other places, tap water in the restaurants are complimentary. So when the waiter asks you would you want something to drink and you don’t so we just say, “It’s fine, just water.”.
(yain) “wine”
את רוצה להגיד לי ששתית בקבוק שלם של יין לבד?
(at rotsa lehagid li sheshatit bakbuk shalem shel yain levad?) “Do you want to tell me you’ve had a whole bottle of wine on your own?”
No, I did not. There’s a very nice Israeli song that translates literally to “I am drunk, but not from wine.”, and that just really means that this guy is very happy and giddy from things that he sees around him so he feels like he’s drunk, but it’s not from alcohol.
אני שיכור ולא מיין ידידיי
(Ani shikor velo mi’yain yedidai.)
So thank you everyone! Let me know in the comments below what’s your favorite drink and let me know what age you started drinking coffee if you do drink coffee. Help me feel that I’m not alone and I’ll see you next week. Don’t forget to check out HebrewPod101.com for more content and more videos and I’ll see you next week. Bye!


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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Which word do you like the most?

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Saturday at 12:43 AM
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Hi Yitzchak,

Great! Glad I could help 👍👍



Team HebrewPod101.com

Wednesday at 08:07 AM
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I understand now. Thank you.


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Sunday at 10:11 PM
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Hi Yitzchak,

Thanks for clarifying your meaning.

1. I'm glad that the concept of "לא יותר מדי" became eventually clear to you, sorry if I confused you in any way.

2. The usage of "לא כל כך" is somewhat inadequate here as it is more fitting to a qualitative description, while "לא יותר מדי" is a quantitative measure. In this case, we're talking about drinking coffee in the sense of amount - a quantitative action, where the "not so much" refers to how much. Using "לא כל כך" is useful for other cases, for example, "I don't like her so much".

Important to say, however, that this is not an absolute rule, and that these can be sometimes used interchangeably... this is a very fine difference and even native speakers get it "wrong" often...



Team HebrewPod101.com

Friday at 04:01 AM
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I apologize, I didn't phrase my question right.

In your correction sentence you wrote 'אבל אז לא שתיתי יותר מדי'. I was a little confused with your usage of "לא יותר מדי", but I now see that it is used in the same non-literal way that "not too much" is used in English, in that it conveys a lacking of something.

The second thing that I was trying to understand is why you changed the sentence from 'אבל אז לא שתיתי אותו כל כך' to 'אבל אז לא שתיתי יותר מדי'. I wanted to know if it is incorrect or if it is not usually use " לא כל כך" that way.

Either way I appreciate the correction as I don't only want to learn the technically correct way how to speak and write, but also the usual way that people speak and write.


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Thursday at 07:58 PM
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Hi Yitzchak

You're correct, 'יותר מדי' means 'too much' - could you refer me to the part of the lesson that implies otherwise...?

"not too much" is simply "לא יותר מדי".

Yes, "לא כל כך" is often used similarly to "לא יותר מדי" and literally means "not SO much". An example for a sentence with this phrase would be: "did you enjoy the show?" -- "not so much" -- "נהנית מההופעה?" --> " לא כל כך"

I hope that answers your questions 👍



Team HebrewPod101.com

Monday at 08:24 PM
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I thought 'יותר מדי' means 'too much'. Is it also a way to say "not too much"? Also, just curious, is 'כל כך' incorrect, or is an awkward, or not the usual way of, expressing the idea that I intended to convey?


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Monday at 12:18 AM
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Hi YItzchak,

Thanks for posting and sharing your work! good job! 😄

Please note a few small typos - marked with **:

*גם אני* שותה *את* *הקפה* שלי *עם* חלב סויה בגלל שאני רגיש לחלב רגיל.

Note that "my coffee" is "הקפה שלי" and that we need the "את" preposition here.

*וגם אני* אהבתי ** קפה מאז שהייתי ילד, אבל אז לא שתיתי *יותר מדי* כי אמא שלי רק נתנה לי לשתות את הטיפה אחרונה של *הכוס* שלה.

Please let us know if you need further clarification or in case you have any questions 👍



Team HebrewPod101.com

Tuesday at 03:21 AM
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אני גם שותה קפה שלי אם חלב סויה בגלל שאני רגיש לחלב רגיל.

ואני גם אהבתי את קפה מאז שהייתי ילד, אבל אז לא שתיתי אותו כל כך כי אמא שלי רק נתנה לי לשתות את הטיפה אחרונה של כוס שלה.

I also drink my coffee with soy milk because I am sensitive to regular milk.

And I also liked coffee since I was a kid, but I didn't drink a lot then because my mother only let me drink the last drop of her cup.



Sunday at 04:13 AM
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אני אוהבת יין!!!

Shelley Goldenberg
Saturday at 09:55 AM
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Aha-Thanks again, Roi