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Lesson Transcript

Yaara: Hi everyone! שָׁלוֹם (shalom).
Welcome to Hebrew weekly words. My name is Yaara and this week’s theme is fruits - פירות (perot).
Single is פרי (pri). So fruits, exciting, yay!
“Green apples are my favorite.”
תפוחים ירוקים הם האהובים עליי.
(tapuħim yerukim hem ha-a'huvim alai.)
Plural is...
ביפן יש אבטיחים מרובעים.
(be-yapan yesh avatiħim meruba'im.)
“Japan has Square Watermelons”. It’s true. Google it.
I actually love figs. I have a friend who can’t eat them because she says that the insides look like worms. So that’s a picture you won’t be able to get out of your head.
לסבתא שלי היה עץ תאנה.
(le-savta sheli haya etz te'ena.)
“My grandmother had a fig tree.”
The word is
but Israelis usually say
קניתי בשוק קילו מישמישים.
(kaniti ba-shuk kilo mishmishim.)
“I bought 1 kilo of Apricots in the market.”
“This event was the cherry on my cream.”
האירוע הזה היה הדובדבן שבקצפת.
(ha-erua ha-ze haya ha-duvdevan she-ba-katzefet.)
And this is the end. So thank you so much for watching this week’s episode of Hebrew weekly words. We talked about fruits - פירות (perot). So don’t forget to check our website, and see you next week! bye.


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It would be nice if she would slow down while saying the example sentences. Not that it would help me because she introduces other words in those sentences that I don't understand. But maybe it would help other beginners with more vocabulary than myself.

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What means that ''yeay'' @ second 15?

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Hello Tim,

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Thank you so much, I'm glad to hear that!

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הפירות האהובים עליי הם תותים ואבטיחים

My favorite fruits are strawberries and watermelons