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Lesson Transcript

Shalom, ani Yana! Welcome to Hebrewpod101.com’s Alef-Beit be-kalei kalut.
The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn the Hebrew alphabet: the alef-beit!
Last lesson we reached the half-way point of the Hebrew Alef-Beit and did a review of what you’ve learned so far. Did you practice them all?
So I guess you are ready for the next two letters that we will learn in this lesson.
They are ל `Lamed`, with the sound of `L`, and the letter מ `Mem`, with an `M` sound.
So lets start writing:
ל`Lamed` looks different in hand and print writing, so pay attention and remember to pronounce the letter while writing;
ל (handwriting)
ל looks like a loop, doesn`t it? The word "loop" in Hebrew actually starts with `Lamed`- לֹוּלָאָה `Lulaa`- a loop.
Can you read this word without niqqud?
לולאה (handwriting)
לולאה-Loop- easy to remember, right?
In print it looks like this;
ל (print)
So how "loop" will look in print?
לולאה (print)
ילד-`Yeled` -is a boy in Hebrew.
ילד (handwriting)
and in print-
ילד (print)
If you wondered how we make the sound of `e` in ילד, you’re paying very good attention. There’s a new niqqud there called `Segol`, and it looks like this- ֶ - , You say it with the sound `e`.
So lets write ילד with proper niqqud;
יֶלֶד (handwriting)
and in print-
יֶלֶד (print)
another example using `Segol` is -
כֶּלֶב-`Kelev`- a dog.
כֶּלֶב (handwriting)
and in print-
כֶּלֶב (print)
Could you read `Kelev` without the niqqud there at all?
The next letter is מ - `Mem`, and it hשד an `M` sound.
In hand writing, it looks like this-
one, two, three.
one, two, three.
and in print-
one, two.
one, two.
מ-`Mem` changes when at the end of a word, just like, in the previous lesson, `Haf`.
It looks like this- ם
one, two.
one, two.
and in print-ם
one, two, three.
one, two, three.
You might say it looks like a square.
מָיִם -`Maim`- is water in Hebrew.
here you can see both variations of `Mem`-
מָיִם (with niqqud)
and in print-
מָיִם(with niqqud).
So how would you read this word?
מֶלֶךְ (meleh with niqqud)
this is `meleh`- a king.
Can you write `meleh` in print?
Here's Yana's insight:
Have you been checking out the Alef-Beit transcripts for HebrewPod101's lessons? I bet you can read a lot more now than you could after lesson 2. Go back and browse the Alef-Beit transcripts for a lesson or two, and you'll be amazed at how far you've come! Just think - a little more, and you'll understand the whole thing!
This lesson we learned the letters `Lamed` and `Mem` and the niqqud `Segol` (with the sound of e).
In the next lesson We will have a little quiz, so practice your Alef-Beit and the niqqud!
See you then!