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Lesson Transcript

Shalom, ani Yana! Welcome to Hebrewpod101.com’s Alef-Beit be-kalei kalut.
The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn the Hebrew alphabet: the alef-beit!
In the last lesson we learned the letters ז, ח.
In this lesson we will continue with the next two letters and learn another niqqud.
Are you ready? Bou nathil!
The ninth letter of the Alef-Beit is -
-'Tet'. ט
It has the sound of 't'. Let’s write it:
hand writing-
This letter is a little unusual, in that you need to start from the bottom-up.
and in print-
If you round the corners of the print version- it will be just like the hand writing one-
write (in print- and over in hand)
טוֹב- 'tov' -is good in Hebrew.( in the masculine form)
and in print-
in the feminine, you write-
and in print-
Now, lets move on to the tenth letter-
which has a 'y' sound
It is probably the simplest letter-
Just like a little comma on the upper-right side of the frame.
and in print-
almost the same
just with a little angle.
יָד- 'yad'- is hand.
and in print-
Now we’ve completed 10 letters of the Alef- Beit. You’re almost half way through! Can you believe it?
Before finishing up, lets take a look at another niqqud- 'Shva'- ְ.
'Shva' has no sound. It is a silent vowel.
It just keeps the original sound of the consonant.
like in-
אָחְ- 'ah'- is brother.
and in print-
We will see more examples of 'Shva' in the next lessons.
We’re ready to move beyond words, and write a phrase...
אָחְ טוֹב- 'ah tov'- is good brother in Hebrew. The noun comes first and then the adjective.
Nice job! Soon, you’ll be able to write whole sentences
Now it's time for Yana's insight.
Before starting the next lesson, try to write all letters from Alef- to Yod, several times in a row, while loudly pronouncing each letter.
In the next lesson we will learn the eleventh letter -כּ- 'Kaf', and after that review half the alef-beit!
How many can you remember?
See you in the next lesson!!