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Lesson Transcript

Shalom, ani Yana! Welcome to Hebrewpod101.com’s Alef-Beit be-kalei kalut.
The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn the Hebrew alphabet: the alef-beit!
In the last lesson, we learned the third and fourth Hebrew letters- ג and ד.
Do you remember how to write 'fish'?
and what about 'roof'?
In this lesson, we will learn how to write the word for “love” in Hebrew;
Are you ready? So let’s start! Bou nathil!
The fifth Hebrew letter is ה-'Hei'.
'Hei's sound is 'h', but it can also sound like 'a'.
You will see how it changes in a second!
Let’s first write it in hand writing-
(pronouncing 'hei')
The print version is very similar-
Make sure to keep 'hei' curved while hand writing but use sharp angles in print.
So, as I mentioned 'hei' can sound like both 'h' and 'a'. The word אהבה- 'ahava' uses it in both ways. When `Hei` appears the end of a word, it will always sound as `a`.
אהבה 'ahava'- is love in Hebrew.
Let’s try to write it
ה pronounced “ha”
ב remember the sound here is 'v' so we don't need the dot of 'beit'
ה pronouncing “a”
Let’s do it once more in hand writing-
Isn't it a beautiful word? With a beautiful curved shape?
Now lets do it in print-
א- one, two, three
ה- one, two
ב- one, two
ה-one, two
So if you want to add the full Niqqud for this word - we need to use a new niqqud symbol.
'Patah'- ַ
Just like 'Kamats' from last lesson- 'patah' has the sound of 'a'.
Now remember, when you write in modern Hebrew, you don’t need to use the niqqud system- it is there mostly for you to read, especially when learning new vocabulary, or if you want to study the Hebrew Bible.
Now lets spell אהבה with the full niqqud;
Here you saw how the letter 'hei' can sound in two different ways,
So you already know 5 Hebrew letters and several words. Don't forget to practice the characters in both hand writing and print!
Now it's time for Yana's insights.
Doesn't 'Hei' from this lesson sound like "hey' in English?
When you say hello to your friends?
That’s exactly the sound for Hebrew letter 'hei'- now you can think of the letter 'hei' when saying hello to your friends and better memorize it!
In the next lesson we will see how one word can be pronounced in 3 different ways in Hebrew. It__ may sound confusing, but remember, you’ll have the niqqud to help you.
See you next time!