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Lesson Transcript

Shalom, ani Yana! Welcome to Hebrewpod101.com’s Alef-Beit be-kalei kalut.
The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn the Hebrew alphabet: the alef-beit!
By the end of this lesson, you will know the entire Hebrew alef-beit!
Are you ready for the last letter?
Let’s start! Bou nathil!
The twenty-second hebrew letter is `Taf` with the sound of `T`.
Do you remember the other letter that has a `T` sound?
ת is written like this-
ת (handwriting)
and in print-
ת (print)
`Tof` is a drum.(niqqud)
תוֹף (handwriting)
in print-
תוֹף (print)
and `Toda` is a very important word -- it means Thank you in Hebrew.
תוֹדָה (handwriting)
in print-
תוֹדָה (print)
We’ve finished the entire Hebrew alphabet- the alef-beit!
Now let’s practice from alef- to-taf!
We are going to sing the alef-beit song, that every child in Israel knows;
It is called `Shir ha-alf-beit`
The song of the alef-beit.
-alphabet song-
In the next lesson, we will continue learning some advanced Hebrew niqqud. If you’re interested in reading ancient Hebrew, including the Hebrew Bible you’ll definitely want to watch!
See you there!!!!