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Lesson Transcript

Shalom, ani Yana! Welcome to Hebrewpod101.com’s Alef-Beit be-kalei kalut.
The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn the Hebrew alphabet: the alef-beit!
You now know 20 Hebrew Letters and 9 main niqqud symbols!
Have you been practicing your alef-beit? I hope so, because you’re just two lessons away from learning them all!
In this lesson we will move on to the twenty-first letter and we’ll learn another niqqud.
So let’s start! bou nathil!
The next letter is 'Shin', with the sound of 'Sh'.
It looks like this-
שׁ (handwriting)
curve from out-in.
It looks like the English letter 'e', doesn't it?
In print it looks different though
שׁ (print)
'Shin' is pronounced 'Sh' when the dot on the upper right side.
If the dot in 'Shin' is on the upper *left* side- it is called 'Sin', with the sound of 'S'.
Remember, like all niqqud, these dots are usually not written. It's like the dot of 'Beit', 'Kaf', and 'Pei'.
שׂ (handwriting)
and in print
שׂ (print)
'Shin' and 'Sin' are considered the same letter in the Hebrew alphabet. You only have to remember two of it’s sounds.
Now let’s try a little word play with 'Shin' and 'Sin'
'Sara Shara Shir Sameah'
'Shir Sameah Shara Sara'
The meaning of it is-
'Sara sings a happy song'
'Happy song sings Sara'
In Hebrew you can say the sentence both ways and it is still grammatically correct.
Try to practice it many times until you get it right both ways! It is challenging but fun way to learn!
It’s time to learn the last niqqud used in modern Hebrew. Number ten is 'Kubuts', with the sound of 'U'. It looks like this.
We already had 'Shuruk', and this is another 'U' sound in the Hebrew vowel system.
'Meshulash' is a triangle.
מֵשֻלַש (handwriting)
and in print-
מֵשֻלַש (print)
Now it's time for Yana's insights.
Try to make a chart of all ten niqqud we have studied so far.
Take any letter and pronounce the same letter with different niqqud each time-
for example-
'Beit and Kamats' 'ba'
'Beit and Hirik' 'bi'
'Beit and Kubuts''bu'
and so forth...
Try to go by the order we studied. From the first 'Kamats' all the way to the last 'Kubuts' from this lesson.
Next lesson we will finish with Hebrew alef-beit and have a review of all the 22 letters!!!
How is your singing voice?
See you in the next lesson!


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Tuesday at 10:17 PM
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Hi Charly,

Thanks for commenting!

I don't really understand the difficulty, as you wrote it 100% correct 😉

With niqqud, triangle is written "מְשֻׁלָּשׁ", and without: "משולש". It is pronounced "me-shu-lash".

Let me know if something is still unclear...👍



Team HebrewPod101.com

Thursday at 12:34 AM
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I've got some problems with the word for the triangle.

1. I cant find it in your dictionary.

2. In other dictionaries i could find מְשֻׁלָּשׁ - the word with niqqud - but not everywhere the same you did use.

3. Without these cute points i can find the word only written with a vav: משולש.

Please can you explain the system?


HebrewPod101.com Verified
Saturday at 03:48 AM
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Hi Hans,

Thanks for commenting!

Even though the "Block" and "Print" letters are identical at most cases, note that one can write in block writing by hand and type in handwrite (by using a specific font, for example).

Eventually, what you need to remember is that there are 2 sets of Hebrew writing systems: Ktav (handwritten) and D'fus (print/block).

Hope it makes sense 😅



Team HebrewPod101.com

Thursday at 04:23 PM
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Hi dear 101team,

thanks for the very helpful und funny lessons about the hebrew alphabet. I enjoy them very much. After seeing this lesson, I was wondering about the three different script types: print style, writing style, and block style (what you call print style). This confuses me a little, because I thought "print style" are the normal letters, and block style is writing style with straight lines and sharp edges. Are there actually four different alef-bets?

Hebrewpod101.com Verified
Wednesday at 12:31 PM
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Hi Rohit oberoi,

Thanks for commentin!

Well, knowing the language is more than understanding the alphabet...! keep learning with us to learn new words, grammar and interesting facts about Hebrew, as well as answers to all your questions :smile:



Team Hebrewpod101.com

Rohit oberoi
Friday at 06:24 PM
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What do we have to do after we learn Hebrew alphabet

HebrewPod101.com Verified
Monday at 04:53 PM
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Hi Shelley Lynn,

Thank you for posting.

The niqqud keys are the numbers at the top of your keyboard - you just need to have "caps lock" enabled and at the SAME time press shift along with the number button. However, we currently have a problem with the writing questions - it will approve your answer only if you write it exactly the way it's written in the "review questions" section, like so:

"(niqqud)שׁיר שַׂמֵחְ שָׁרָה שָׂרָה"

Also, the word "happy", שמח, has the wrong niqqud; it should be ַשָׂמֵח.

We will fix it soon, thank you for drawing our attention to it!



Team HebrewPod101.com

Shelley Lynn
Friday at 11:21 AM
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Hello friends, the writing questions in the review require niqqud. How do you access that on the computer keyboard?

I am able to type the Hebrew letters, but do not know how to do the niqqud . Ay assistance?

HebrewPod101.com Verified
Thursday at 05:59 PM
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Hi chaya kalmus!

I am glad you are enjoying the lessons!

If you do them many times, you will remember everything for sure :innocent:


Team HebrewPod101.com

chaya kalmus
Saturday at 01:28 PM
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:smile: I am enjoying the lessons but they go too fast for me to keep up. I will probably have to do them each 5 or more times :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: