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Lesson Transcript

Shalom, ani Yana! Welcome to Hebrewpod101.com’s Alef-Beit be-kalei kalut.
The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn the Hebrew alphabet: the alef-beit!
In the last lesson we covered the eighteenth letter- צ.
In this lesson we will learn two more letters from the alef-beit and one niqqud.
So let’s start! bou nathil!
The ninteenth Hebrew letter is- `Kuf`, with the sound of `K`.
Don’t confuse Kuf with the eleventh letter `Kaf`. They have the same sound but are written and used differently!
Let’s write `Kuf` in the handwriting style first
ק (handwriting)
Keep the stroke longer than the frame, otherwise it will become `Hei`.
in print-
ק (print)
almost the same!
`Kir` is a wall.
קיר (handwriting)
and in print
קיר (print)
The next letter is number twenty! It’s- - `Reish`, with the sound of `R`.
It looks like this-
ר (handwriting)
The pronunciation of the Hebrew `Reish` is similar to the french `R` sound. Try to make the sound from the throat- rolling the `r`, as if you were gurgling water.
In print-
ר (print)
`Dvora`- is a bee.
דבורה (handwriting)
and in print-
דבורה (print)
And you can now write the word `Israel`! It is written like this-
דְבוֹרָה (handwriting)(with niqqud)
and in print-
דְבוֹרָה (print) (niqqud)
The last thing we’ll talk about today is the next niqqud- called- `Holam haser`. It looks like this and has the sound of `O`.
We already learned `O` sound in `Holam Male`, remember?
However, `holam Haser` is only the dot on the upper left side of the letter and indicates an `O` sound, like in-
אֱלֹהים (handwriting) (niqqud -reduced segol for alef) `Elohim`- is God in Hebrew.
and in print
אֱלֹהים (print)
Now its time for Yana`s insights;
Try to review the last 20 letters. Write them down in a line or a table and next to them their sound. then practice pronouncing all of them, by their order.
This will be your preparation for our next lesson, where we are going to sing the entire Hebrew alef-Beit together!
We have completed in this lesson 20 of the 22 Hebrew alef-beit letters!
Only 2 more to go and one more of the main niqqud symbols used in everyday Hebrew.
See you in the next lesson!
Bye bye!