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Lesson Transcript

Shalom, ani Yana! Welcome to Hebrewpod101.com’s Alef-Beit be-kalei kalut.
The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn the Hebrew alphabet: the alef-beit!
In the last ten lessons we have covered 15 Hebrew letters and 8 niqqud symbols.
We have only 7 more letters and few niqqud before we complete the full series of Hebrew alef-beit!
Aren't you excited?!
So lets go straight to the sixteenth letter-'Ayin', with the sound of 'a'.
Originally, 'Ayin' was pronounced glottaly -- from the throat -- but in modern Hebrew it is rare to find speakers who are still pronouncing it in that way.
So now, basically it is another 'a' sound to the list.
And this is how you write it;
ע (handwriting)
and in print-
ע (print)
'Avoda'- in Hebrew is work.
ַעַבוֹדָה (handwriting)
and in print it looks like this;
ַעַבוֹדָה (print)
'Ani holeh la-avoda'-
I go to work.(as a male speaker)
אני הוֹלֵך לַעַבוֹדָה (handwriting)
-'Ani holehet la-avoda'
(as a female speaker)
אני הוֹלֵכֵת לַעַבוֹדָה (handwriting)
wanna try it in print?
אני הוֹלֵך לַעַבוֹדָה (print)
אני הוֹלֵכֵת לַעַבוֹדָה (print)
Have you noticed a new niqqud in this sentence?
You are paying a very good attention, because there is one!
It is 'Tsere' with the sound of 'e'.
Do you remember what is the other niqqud with the same sound?
'Tsere' looks like this;
נֵס- 'nes' - a miracle is spelled with 'Tsere'.
But you only need to recognize the sound for this word so don't worry if you dont remember exactly which niqqud it should be 'tsere' or 'segol'.
נֵס (handwriting)
and in print-
נֵס (print)
'nes gadol' -is a big miracle.
נֵס גָדוֹל (handwriting)
and in print-
נֵס גָדוֹל (print)
Now it's time for Yana's insights.
Do you have a minute? Try to write all the alef-bet learned so far in one sitting. At the beginning it might be hard, but it will help you find out which characters are still difficult to remember.
In the next lesson, we will learn letter number seventeen and its variations.
So don't forget to practice till then!
See you later!