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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody! Idit here. Welcome to Ask a Teacher, where I’ll answer some of your most common Hebrew questions.
The question for this lesson is…
What does the Hebrew expression ראש קטן (rosh katan) mean?
The expression ראש קטן (rosh katan) literally means "small head," and is used to describe a person who only does the bare minimum or doesn’t think outside the box. It's mostly a negative expression, but you can also use it to describe yourself, like this--
אני מעדיף להיות ראש קטן (ani ma’adif li’hyot rosh katan) - Literally, “I prefer to be a ‘small head.’”
The opposite expression is ראש גדול (rosh gadol), meaning "big head." This describes a person who makes an effort to go above and beyond what is expected of them. It’s a positive attribute, and is often seen in job advertisements as something companies are looking for in a candidate.
This expression can also appear in a different form, as a verb--
להגדיל ראש (le’hagdil rosh), "to make one's head larger" or "to expand one's head." You can use this expression if you want to say that a certain person is very responsible and will go out of their way to think outside the box and find creative solutions. Here are a few examples--
ענת היא מנהלת מצוינת, היא תמיד מגדילה ראש (Anat hi mena’helet metzuyenet, hi tamid magdila rosh)
Literally, “Anat is an excellent manager, she always ‘expands her head.’”
Here’s another example--
איתי, אם אתה רוצה להתקדם בחברה אתה חייב להתחיל להגדיל ראש (Itai, im ata rotze le’hitkadem ba’ħevra ata ħayav le’hatħil le’hagdil rosh)
Literally, “Itay, if you want to rise in the company ranks, you have to start ‘expanding your head.’”
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