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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody. Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew top words. And today, we are going to talk about Top 10 Words to Know Before Taking the Airplane. Let’s begin.
תא הטייס
(Ta hatayas)
“Pilot chamber.”
אין להיכנס לתא הטייס!
(Ein leikanes leta hatayas!)
“There is no entrance to the pilot chamber.”
(ta) in Hebrew can also mean “cell.” It can also mean a cell like for a cellular phone. It can mean a cell in a human body or a biological organism. And it can also mean a chamber.
חֲגוֹרַת בְּטִיחוּת
(Chagorat betichut)
“Seat belt.”
אנא הדקו את חגורת הבטיחות
(Ana hadku et chagorat habetichut.)
“Please fasten your seatbelt.”
So in English, we say seatbelt, but in Hebrew, חֲגוֹרַת בְּטִיחוּת (chagorat betichut) means more like safety belt than a seat belt.
הפרשי זמנים
(hefreshey zmanim)
“time difference.”
הפרש הזמנים בין ישראל לארה"ב הוא 7 שעות בערך.
(Hefresh hazmanim bin israel learhav hu 7 shaot.)
“The time difference between Israel and the US is about 7 hours.”
Uff… time differences, this is rough. I use melatonin to help me get over jetlag. What do you guys do? Let me know.
תאי אחסון עילאיים
(taey ichsun ilayim)
“overhead storage compartments”
יש לוודא שתאי האיחסון העילאיים סגורים כהלכה.
(Yesh levade shetaey haichsun hailayim sgurim kahalacha)
"Please make sure that the overhead storage compartments are closed properly.”
Ilayim means overhead but it can also mean something that is superior. So don’t think that those storage compartments are all of that. It’s just that they are overhead. Yeah, it’s kind of funny.
יציאת חירום
(yetziat cherum)
“emergency exit.”
הכיסאות הכי טובים נמצאים ליד יציאות החירום.
(Hakisaot hakhi tovim nimtsaim leyad yetsiot hacherum.)
“The best seats are next to the emergency exits.”
Now they charge extra for those. They didn’t used to like I think until a few years ago but now they do. So I don’t think that’s – it isn’t worth it.
סליחה, יש בעיה עם המושב שלי.
(Slicha, yesh beaya im hamoshav sheli.)
“Excuse me, there's a problem with my seat.”
The Hebrew word moshav, that means seat; obviously, it’s connected to the word for sitting down, which is
“Flight attendant.”
הרבה אנשים חולמים לעבוד כדיילים.
(Harbe anashim cholmim la'avod kedayalim.)
“Many people dream of working as flight attendants.”
Do they? I don’t know. Anyway, the word for a male flight attendant is
(dayal), and the female is
לטייס אחריות גדולה ביותר, למרות המיחשוב.
(Latayas achrayut gdola beyoter, lamrot hamichshuv.)
“The pilot has a big responsibility in spite of auto-pilot.”
And a female, the female for tayas is tayeset. There are many of those as well.
מחלקה ראשונה
(Machlaka rishona)
“First class”
מעולם לא יצא לי לטוס במחלקה ראשונה.
(Meolam lo yatsa li latus bemachlaka rishona.)
“I've never flown first class.”
Yeah someday.
מחלקת תיירים
(machleket taiarim)
“economy class.”
טיסה במחלקת נוסעים היא בדרך כלל הזולה ביותר.
(Tisa bemachleket taiarim hi bederekh klal hazola beyoter.)
“A flight in the economy class is usually the cheapest one.”
So another way of saying machleket taiarim is machleket nos’im.
Okay everybody, that’s it. Those were top 10 words to know before taking an airplane and I will see you all next time. Bye.