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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody! Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew Top Words. Today, we are going to talk about 5 major cities in Israel. Let’s start!
.ירושלים היא עיר עתיקה מאוד
(Yerushalaim hi ir atika meod.)
"Jerusalem is a very ancient city."
And it’s beautiful and you should visit. So actually, a good view point on Jerusalem is from the Mormon University. There is a Mormon University in Jerusalem believe it or not and it’s a beautiful place to visit on its own and also, it has a very, very nice panoramic view over the city so if you’re ever in Jerusalem and you have the chance, I highly recommend it.
תל אביב - יפו
(Tel aviv yafo)
"Tel Aviv - Jaffa"
דנה לומדת באוניברסיטה בתל אביב
(Dana lomedet bauniversita betel aviv.)
"Dana studies at the University of Tel Aviv."
which is where I study. So Tel Aviv is the largest city in Israel and also, if you ask me, the most interesting one and it’s fun, it’s awesome and there are many, many dogs there. So if you’re a dog lover, this is the place for you.
חיפה נמצאת באיזור הכרמל
(Chaifa nimtset be'ezor hakarmel.)
"Haifa is located in the Carmel area."
So I know there are a lot of cities in the US that are called Carmel which is, I think, is kind of funny and Haifa is a beautiful city. There are many things to see there and the weather is pretty good too because it’s up on the mountain. Nice place, always give me allergies for some reason, but if you don’t have allergies, that’s not a problem.
באר שבע
(Be'er sheva)
"Be'er Sheva"
באר שבע היא העיר הראשונה שמוזכרת בתנך
(Be'er Sheva hi hair harishona shemuzkeret batanakh.)
"Be'er Sheva is the first city to be mentioned in the Bible."
Yes it is! I think Abraham was there and there was something with the wells that’s why it’s called Be'er Sheva because there are seven wells there. I don’t know much about it.
"Tiberius "
בוא נלך לטבריה ונתרחץ בכינרת!
(Bo nelekh letveria venitrachets bakineret.)
"Let's go to Tiberius and bathe at the Sea of Galilee!"
Yeah, Tiberius is beautiful. It’s a very nice place especially if you’re like a tourist or just visiting from somewhere else in Israel. It’s beautiful, it’s fun and the Sea of Galilee in Hebrew means
which is a much shorter name and the meaning of the name is because of the shape. The shape looks like a violin and in Hebrew, “violin” is