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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew Top Words. Today, we are going to talk about 10 pick-up lines to use at your own risk. Let’s start!
היי מותק.
(Hey motek.)
"Hey, babe."
אני לא המותק שלך!
(Ani lo hamotek shelkha!)
"I'm not your babe!"
That’s how I would reply.
Not everybody would reply like that, but… I don’t know how often people would say that to somebody they wouldn’t know. I guess somebody’s boyfriend could say it, that would be okay. Or like, my mom could say it to me because
(motek) doesn’t have to be “babe.” It can also be like “sweetie.” But if like somebody I didn’t know say that to me, I would like, yeah, no… no.
איבדתי את מספר הטלפון שלי... אפשר אולי את שלך?
(Ibadeti et mispar hatelefon sheli... efshar ulay et shelakh?)
"I lost my telephone number... Could you lend me yours?"
I think if somebody would say that to me like as a joke, then I would probably laugh and it will be like a good icebreaker. But… if you do it like kind of seriously, then… I mean no. But it is, it is funny I guess, yeah. It’s just so cheesy.
Okay, the next one is like a super duper Israeli pick-up line, so are you ready for this?
אבא שלך גנן?
(Aba shelakh ganan?)
"Is your father a gardener?"
אבא שלך גנן?
(Aba shelakh ganan?)
You’ll have to edit this out. What you’re doing?
"Is your father a gardener?"
Now, I know. I know this is very weird, but the next, like the next line that you would say is… is like, “Is your father a gardener because if not, then how did he have such a flower?” Like you are the flower, so the full sentence in Hebrew would be...
אבא שלך גנן? אז איך יצא לו כזה פרח?
(Aba shelakh ganan? az ekh yatsa lo kaze perach?)
Don’t ever use it. It sounds so horrible! It’s so horrible. I know, right?
Like you're saying, you’re a flower.
?אז... אתה בא לפה הרבה
(Az... ata ba lepo harbe?)
"So...you come here often?"
Very common. Sometimes, people will say it like casually like, oh, I’m not picking up on you. I’m just, you know, making conversation. No, they’re not making conversation. They just… yeah.
את הבחורה הכי יפה שראיתי מעולם.
(At habachura hakhi yafa sheraiti meolam.)
"You are the most beautiful girl I ever saw."
How could that even be possible? I mean... no.
נתערב על נשיקה שבסוף את תיפרדי ממני?
(Nitarev al neshika shebasof at tipardi mimeni?)
"Should we bet a kiss that you will dump me?"
נתערב על נשיקה שבסוף את תיפרדי ממני?
(Nitarev al neshika shebasof at tipardi mimeni?)
"Shall we bet a kiss that you will dump me?"
This is...this is very borderline here. I’m… I don’t support this one specifically even though, I mean this is a little bit funny, but don’t use it.
את מאמינה באהבה ממבט ראשון או שעליי לחזור שוב?
(At ma'amina be'ahava mimabat rishon o shealay lachzor shuv?)
"Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I pass by one more time?"
This is extremely corny, but again, I think it’s hilarious and it’s very cute and funny, so... I guess if somebody uses it, like as a joke, it’s cute because it’s so corny that it’s cute, you know? Yeah.
תרצי משהו? משקה? מתאבן? אותי?
(Tirtsi mashu? mashke? meta'aben? oti?)
"Would you like something? A drink, an appetizer, me?"
Don’t put yourself in the same, you know, in the same level as a drink or an appetizer. It doesn’t… no, it’s not, it’s not, it doesn’t, it’s not a compliment for you. Don’t do that guys… or girls.
אני כבר כאן! מהן שתי המשאלות האחרות שלך?
(Ani kvar kan! mahen shtey hamishalot ha'acherot shelakh.)
"There! I'm already here! What are your other two wishes?"
This is kind of creative, I guess.
האם מתתי או שמלאכים ירדו מגן עדן?
(Haim mati o shemalachim yardu migan eden?)
"Am I dead or have the angels fallen from the sky?"
No comment.
Okay everybody, that’s it. You’ve braved through it. Those were 10 pick-up lines to use at your own risk. Let me know in the comments below if you have any more creative ones and I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye!


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האם מתתי או שמלאכים ירדו מגן עדן?