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Lesson Transcript

Hello everybody, Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew top words and today, we are going to talk about Top 10 Phrases to Never Use in a Relationship. Let’s start.
אמרתי לך!.
(Amarti lekha!)
“I told you so!”
I have to admit I say this one a lot. Just because I am always right and some people tend not to listen.
אוח, אני אעשה את זה בעצמי!.
(Och, Ani e'ese et ze be'atsmi!)
“Oh, I'll do it myself!”
Well, I am not perfect and I say this one a lot too. Sometimes you really have to learn how to let go and let people do things their own way and it’s a growing process.
אתה אף פעם לא מקשיב לי!.
(Ata af pa'am lo makshiv li!)
“You never listen to me!”
Listening is very important in a relationship and if you feel like you are not being listened to, you can say that but maybe not quite like somebody owes you something you know.
אנחנו צריכים לדבר.
(Anachnu tsrikhim ledaber)
“We should talk.”
I think in other language, that conversation is not good and usually it means like a breakup conversation, not necessarily but usually.
לא חשוב.
(Lo chashuv.)
“Never mind.”
Say it, say it. What is it? Say it.
זה הכל באשמתך!.
(Ze hakol beashmatkha!)
“It's all your fault!”
It’s not a nice thing to say. Even if it’s true, it’s not a nice thing to say.
את נשמעת כמו אמא שלך!.
(At nishma'at k'mo ima shelakh!)
“You sound like your mother!”
It’s not necessarily an insult.
נראה לי שכדאי שתתחילי דיאטה.
(Nira li shekeday shetatchili dieta)
“I think you should start a diet.”
Say what, now?
אחותך יותר יפה ממך.
(Achotekh yoter yafa mimekh)
“Your sister is prettier than you.”
Huh dear lord, thank you. I don’t have a sister. If you say that to anybody, uh uh no, you don’t deserve a girlfriend. You don’t deserve a girlfriend if you say that. Sorry!
לא ענית לי להודעה.
(Lo anita li lahoda'a)
“You didn't answer my text.”
I don’t even have to say anything about this one. You already know, right? Just... don't.