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Lesson Transcript

You – Hey you – You – yeah you! Welcome to Hebrew Top Words. So my name is Yaara and I do not know today’s words, but the theme is 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce in Hebrew. So let’s begin!
(ħa'tzotz'ra) "trumpet"
הייתי רוצה לנגן בחצוצרה.
(hayiti ro'tza le'nagen be-ħa'tzotz'ra)
"I would like to play the trumpet."
(le'tzaħ'tzeaħ) "to brush"
חשוב מאוד לצחצח שיניים פעמיים ביום.
(ħashuv me'od le'tzaħ'tzeaħ shinayim pa'amaim be-yom.)
"It is very important to brush your teeth twice a day."
(tzri'khim) "must, need"
(tzri'khim) is the word must but in the plural masculine version of this word hem tzri'khim, they must, they need. For example
הם צריכים לעזוב את המסיבה מוקדם.
(hem tzri'khim la'azov et ha-mesiba mukdam.)
"They must leave the party early." They must or they need to or they have to.
(ħati'kha) "piece"
It’s not like – they are not tongue twisters. It’s just – it’s for people who can’t pronounce H.
אפשר לקבל חתיכת עוגה, בבקשה?
(efshar le'kabe ħati'khat uga, bevakasha?)
"can I have a piece of cake, please?"
(menatz'netz) "sparkling"
I love this word.
(menatz'netz) “Sparkling.” Yeah okay I love this lesson. These are really fun words. It’s fun to say it, right. Come on, nice! For example,
השרשרת שלי מנצנצת.
(ha-shar'sheret sheli menatz'netzet.) "My necklace is sparkling."
It’s not really but just you know, use our imagination.
(pa'alulim) "special effects"
Well, it’s more fun saying it fast
So usually like a stunt man will be called
(pa'alulan) "stuntman"
Now that I am saying it over and over again, I am like, is this a real word? I am not sure all of a sudden but it is.
וואו, מי היה אחראי על הפעלולים בסרט הזה?
(uau, mi haya aħrai al ha-pa'alulim ba-seret ha'ze?)
"Wow, who was in charge of the special effects in this movie?"
(shifshuf) "rubbing"
This is a noun, verb will be
(le'shaf'shef) "to rub”.
אם נשפך לכם יין אדום על השטיח, תשפשפו אותו במלח.
(im nish'pakh la'khem yaiyn adom al ha-shatiaħ, te'shaf'shefu oto be-melaħ.)
"If you spill red wine on your carpet, rub salt on it."
Someone told me about this method. I did not check it. So I don’t really know.
(le'tzaħkek) "to giggle"
That’s a wonderful word. “To laugh” is לִצְחוֹק.
So this is like the smaller version of it, לצחקק (le'tzaħkek).
And the noun version is
(tziħkuk) (“giggle”)
(tziħkukim) (“giggles”) in plural.
הם לא הפסיקו לצחקק בזמן שדיברתי.
(hem lo hifsiku le'tzaħkek be-zman she-dibarti.)
"They wouldn't stop giggling while I was talking." How rude!
(maħ'tzelet) "mat"
כשאתם הולכים לים, אל תשכחו לקחת מחצלת.
(kshe-atem hol'khim la-yam, al tish'keħu lakaħat maħ'tzelet.)
"When you go to the beach, don't forget to take your mat."
(sro'khim) "shoelaces"
באיזה גיל למדתם לקשור את השרוכים?
(be-eize gil lamad'tem lik'shor et ha-sro'khim?)
"What age did you learn to tie your own shoelaces?"
So that’s it. Thank you so much for watching the 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce in Hebrew. I hope we will learn something new. Tell us in the comments what was your favorite word and don’t forget to check the website. And don’t forget to subscribe. See you next time, bye.


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Sunday at 08:50 PM
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Shalom קנדרה,

Thank you for commenting and sharing your favorite word from this lesson with us!

The word "מנצנץ" is indeed a very beautiful word - it is also an Onomatopoeia - a word that sounds somewhat like the word it describes. Such words are actually quite common in Hebrew, other common examples are "bottle" (בקבוק - bakbuk) and "cricket" (צרצר - tzartzar)

Keep up the great work!



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Friday at 01:31 PM
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My favorite word was:



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Thursday at 09:22 PM
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Hi Linda,

Thanks for posting and sharing this 😄😄

Haha yeah, pronouncing the letter "ר" is challenging for many Hebrew learners, and especially for students that their mother-tongue is English... No worries - that can be improved with careful listening and some practice and worse case - there's nothing wrong with a little bit of accent 😉😉

Enjoy learning Hebrew with us!



Team HebrewPod101.com

Tuesday at 01:51 PM
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I think Butterfly in Hebrew is really hard cause I can't seem to get the "r" correct. פרפר

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Monday at 09:32 PM
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Hi Maria,

Thanks for posting! We're glad to hear that you're having fun with our lessons and pronouncing Hebrew words! 😄😄👍

The letter ר is pronounced "reish" ה, is it pronounced "hei", and פ "pei".

I can't answer for Ya'ara, but in Israel, we start learning English at a very young age in school. Additionally, Israelis (like the rest of the world) are consuming a lot of American content - music and TV. Dubbing is very unpopular in Israel, and we're used to watching everything in the original language with the assistance of Hebrew subtitles. That might be the reason for the relatively good English that is spoken by many Israelis... 😄😄

Enjoy learning Hebrew with us and please feel free to let us know when you have further questions! ❤️️👍



Team HebrewPod101.com

Sunday at 12:15 AM
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Oh and I have a question. Is the letter ר pronounced "reish" or "resh"? Also, for ה, is it pornounced "hei" or "heh"? And for פ, is it pronounced "pei" or "peh"?

Another question, for Yaara! Hi Yaara, how did you learn English? Is it your second language after Hebrew?

Thanks!! 😁😁

Saturday at 11:11 PM
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But I honestly love to pronounce all the words 😁

Saturday at 11:10 PM
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My favorite word to pronounce is שרוכים (shoelaces)! And I think the hardest word for me to pronounce is צריכים(must).

I love Hebrew! 😄

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Monday at 06:52 AM
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Shalom John,

😄 Todah raba for your kind words. We are very happy to hear that you enjoy studying with us. Let us know if you have any questions. Good luck with your Hebrew! ❤️️

Kind regards,

Levente (לבנטה)

Team HebrewPod101.com

Wednesday at 08:10 PM
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Yaara... You're so fun. Todah... Lots of love to you. Bless you.. ❤️️❤️️❤️️ and thanks Hebrew 101 I can now read Hebrew. yay. 👍👍👍