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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everybody! Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew Top Words. Today, we are going to talk about the 5 biggest festivals in Israel. Let’s start!
השנה לא השגתי כרטיס למידברן.
(Hashana lo hesagti kartis lamidbern.)
"This year I didn't get a ticket to Midburn."
I actually have never been to Midburn, but it sounds kind of awesome. The meaning of the name is like it’s in the middle, but it’s burning, it’s in the desert, Midburn. It’s supposed to be like Coachella I think. It’s like the Israeli version of Coachella. It kind of looks like a huge village with weird art installments and people are dressed with like sparkles and sequins and stuff. Actually, it’s supposed to be really fun. I don’t think it’s an international festival, but maybe there are a few bands from outside of Israel who are performing there sometimes. It’s getting bigger every year, of course, and I hope to go one day if I get the chance and the guts.
האינדינגב נערך כל שנה בסתיו.
(Haindinegev ne'erakh kol shana bastav.)
"The Indinegev is held every year in autumn."
I’ve actually been to the Indinegev. It’s also a music festival for indie bands and it’s held in the Negev, which is the desert in Southern Israel and if you have the chance to go, usually, it’s right before the beginning of the school year in universities and colleges so you can have, like, one last hasar before you start school again so it’s nice.
פסטיבל הג'אז בים האדום
(festival hajezz bayam ha'adom)
"Red Sea Jazz Festival"
ג'אז בים האדום הוא אירוע מוזיקה בינלאומי.
(Jazz bayam ha'adom hu erua muzika benleumi.)
"The Red Sea Jazz Festival is an international music event."
Yeah, I think the Red Sea Jazz Festival is the most famous music festival in Israel and it’s true that artists come from all over the world. I’ve been there once when I was 17 with my brother. It was actually pretty awesome even though I really hate jazz. Sorry, I do.
פסטיבל ערד
(festival arad)
"Arad Festival "
פסטיבל ערד הוא מהותיקים בישראל.
(Festival arad hu mehavatikim beIsrael.)
"The Arad festival is one of the oldest in Israel."
It’s true. I think the Arad Festival started like back at the ‘70s. I think there was a very long time when it didn’t happen, but then it kind of started going again, started running again which is nice. I don’t know if you guys noticed, but most of the festivals in Israel are being held down south, the desert, even Eilat which is the southernmost point. I guess it’s just like there is more space, makes sense.
פסטיבל מחול כרמיאל
(festival machol karmiel)
"Karmiel Dance Festival"
לאוהבי מחול מומלץ להגיע לפסטיבל המחול בכרמיאל.
(Leohavey machol mumlats lehagia lefestival hamachol bekarmiel.)
"For dance lovers, it is recommended to go to the Karmiel Dance Festival."
So I think generally, dance festivals are not quite as popular so that’s why this one is being held up north which is generally a little bit more… like they don’t have that many open spaces there, but what can you do? I think people are more into music than dance generally.
Okay, everybody, that’s it. Today, we talked about the 5 biggest festivals in Israel and I will see you all next time. Bye-bye!


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