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Lesson Transcript

Hello everybody, Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew top words and today, we are going to talk about 5 Most Popular Sports. Let’s start.
Football. Soccer.
כדורגל הוא הספורט הפופולרי ביותר בעולם.
(Kaduregel hu hasport hapopolari beyoter baolam)
“Football is the most popular sport in the world.”
So the word kaduregel is made out of two words which means, kadu is “ball” and regel is “foot.” So it’s translated to football and obviously not to soccer. So football is the most popular sport. In Israel, some people are really hardcore fans and it’s interesting. I’ve been to a football game once and I almost got pneumonia. It was great.
אחי גבוה כמו שחקן כדורסל!.
(Achi gavoha kmo sachkan kadursal!)
“My brother is as tall as a basketball player.”
Actually basketball even though it’s not the most popular sport in Israel, we have some really great teams and I think the Israeli team Maccabi have won the Euro Cup in basketball like more than a few times. They are really pretty good which is surprising but I think that’s pretty awesome and I kind of like basketball. So that’s kind of cool.
לישראל יש כמה מדליות אולימפיות בג׳ודו.
(Leisrael yesh Kama medaliot olimpiot bejudo)
“Israel has a few Olympic medals in Judo.”
Yeah. So Judo is actually a very popular sport in Israel that you know, they were very big successors in that field. Just to name a few, Yarden Gerbi, she was very famous judoka back in the 90s. El Shehaby, and there was another one now on the last Olympics and I forgot his name but yeah, I like judo too. It’s really good.
אני מעדיפה לשחות בים ולא בבריכה.
(Ani maadifa lischot bayam velo babrekha)
“I prefer swimming in the sea than in the pool.”
It’s not very interesting sport to follow I guess. I used to swim, I didn’t like it but I wasn’t very sporty as a child. Maybe I would have liked it now but yeah, do you guys like swimming? Tell me in the comments. Interesting to hear what people find in it.
בחופי תל אביב אפשר לשחק כדורעף.
(Bechofei tel aviv efshar lesachek kaduraf)
“On the beaches of Tel Aviv, you can play volleyball.”
That’s like the groups that I always try to avoid when I go to the beach. I always try to be as far away from the volleyball players as possible because I don’t want sand in my mouth but yeah. I guess it’s a fun sport.
Okay everybody. That’s it. Today, we talked about 5 Most Popular Sports and I will see you all next time. Goodbye!

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