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Hello everybody, Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew top words and today, we are going to talk about 10 Top Phrases to Help You in an Emergency.
Let’s start.
התקשר למשטרה, בבקשה.
(Hitkasher la'mishtara, bevakasha.)
“Call the police, please.”
If it’s really an emergency, you don’t have to say please, all right.
יש לך חום?
(Yesh lekha khom?)
“Do you have a fever?”
If you do have a fever and it’s not just like a cold or something, you really should see a doctor. It’s really important.
איבדתי את הדרכון שלי.
(Ibadeti et ha'darkon sheli.)
“I lost my passport.”
You can also say passport and people will understand because sometimes in Hebrew, we say, pasport but usually we say, darkon from the word derekh which means, “way” because it gives way for you to go places.
אני לא מרגיש טוב
(Ani lo margish tov.)
“I don't feel well.”
That’s a very general way of saying that you’re not feeling well but if you’re at the doctor’s office, you will have to specify a little bit further than that.
אני צריך רופא.
(Ani tsarikh rofe.)
“I need a doctor.”
Doctor in Hebrew is rofe and if you translate it to English, it basically means like “a healer.” But it’s not like the cosmic kind of a healer with the gems and crystals. It’s just like that’s the meaning of the word.
אני לא מצליח למצוא את הדרך חזרה למלון שלי.
(Ani lo matsliakh limtso et ha'derekh khazara la'malon sheli.)
“I can't find the way back to my hotel.”
Luckily today, most people have smartphones and they have map application. So you know, you can ask pretty much anybody to just put the address or the name of the hotel and they can show you how to go. So that’s a big relief.
יש בית מרקחת בסביבה?
(Yesh beit merkakhat basviva?)
“Is there a pharmacy nearby?”
In Israel, on Saturdays usually most pharmacies and any other shops are closed but there is always one that’s supposed to be open 24/7. So if it is Saturday and you are stuck, you should ask for the specific one that is open.
אתה יכול לעזור לי?
(Ata yakhol la'azor li?)
“Can you help me?”
To help in Hebrew is, la’azor and I ask that for people a lot when I am at the super market and I can’t reach the top shelf.
אני צריך אמבולנס
(Ani tsarikh ambulans.)
“I need an ambulance.”
Luckily, that’s the same word in Hebrew as it is in English. So whoever you say that to, they would understand even if you don’t know the rest of the sentence. It’s good enough that you say ambulance and they’ll get it. They’ll call.
היכן בית החולים?
(Heykhan beyt hacholim?)
“Where is the hospital?”
In Hebrew, the word hospital is translated to “sick peoples’ home” So beyt is “home” or “house” and hacholim is “sick people.”
Okay everybody, that’s it. Those were 10 Phrases to Help You in an Emergency. I hope you would never have to use them and I will see you all next time. Bye!

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