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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody! Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew Top Words and today, we are going to talk about 10 most romantic ideas for a date. Let’s start!
ארוחת ערב לאור נרות
(aruchat erev leor nerot)
"candlelit dinner"
בדייט הראשון שלנו יצאנו לארוחה רומנטית לאור נרות
(badeyt harishon shelanu yatsanu learucha romantit leor nerot)
"On our first date, we went out to a candlelit dinner."
It’s kind of intense for a first date no?
לשחק באולינג
(lesachek bauling)
"to go bowling"
מתחשק לך אולי ללכת לשחק באולינג?
(mitchashek lekha ulay lalekhet lesachek bauling?)
"Are you in the mood to go bowling?"
That’s kind of a cute date isn’t it? I don’t think people do that anymore though like I don’t know of any bowling alleys that exist anymore. Too bad.
ללכת לאקווריום
(lalekhet la'akvaryum)
"to go to the aquarium"
באילת, אפשר ללכת לאקוואריום התת-ימי
(be'eylat, efshar lalekhet la'akvaryum hatat yami)
"In Eilat, you can go to the undersea aquarium."
Now that’s a really good idea on a date like that’s fun. No matter your age like kid, adult, old person, teenager, I mean aquarium is pretty fun in my opinion.
ללכת לאופרה
(lalekhet laopera)
"to go to the opera"
זוגות רבים נהנים ללכת יחד לאופרה
(zugot rabim nehenim lalekhet yachad laopera)
"Many couples are enjoying going to the opera."
I’ve been to the opera before and it’s definitely not a good date idea or just a good idea in general.
ללכת לארוחת ערב וסרט
(lalekhet learuchat erev veseret)
"to have dinner and see a movie"
ללכת לארוחת ערב וסרט
(lalekhet learuchat erev veseret)
"to go on a dinner and see a movie"
הדייט הקלאסי הוא לצאת לארוחת ערב וסרט
(hadeyt haklasi hu latset learuchat erev veseret)
"The classic date is to go on a dinner and see a movie."
Yeah that’s fun and then after the movie like you have something to talk about over dinner because you just watched a movie.
לעשות פיקניק
(la'asot piknik)
"to have a picnic"
לעשות פיקניק
(la'asot piknik)
"to go on a picnic"
בימים יפים, אפשר לעשות פיקניק בפארק
(beyamim yafim, efshar la'asot piknik bapark)
"On nice days, you can have picnic at the park."
And then ants right, right? Yeah.
לקחת הפלגה
(lakachat haflaga)
"to take a ferry ride"
חברה שלי הפתיעה אותי עם הפלגה רומנטית בשקיעה
(chavera sheli heftia oti im haflaga romantit bashkiah)
"My girlfriend surprised me with a romantic, sunset ferry ride."
I don’t think there is a place you can do that in Israel, but a lot of places that have like rivers and stuff, yeah sure.
ללכת על החוף
(lalekhet al hachof)
"to walk on the beach"
אולי במקום לשבת במסעדה נצא להליכה על החוף?
(ulai bimkom lashevet bemisada netse lehalicha al hachof)
"Maybe instead of sitting in a restaurant, we can go for a walk on the beach?"
That’s a nice idea isn’t it? I really like the beach. I don’t like so much going into the water, but walking is great.
ללכת למוזיאון
(lalekhet lemuzeon)
"to go to the museum"
רוצה ללכת למוזיאון? שמעתי על תערוכה מעניינת
(rotse lalekhet lamuseon? shamati al ta'arukha meanyenet)
"Want to go to the museum? I’ve heard about an interesting show."
To me that’s more like a girlfriends kind of a thing, but if both people like museums then why not? It’s kind of romantic.
לקחת שיעור קדרות
(lakachat shiur kadarut)
"to take a pottery class"
בוא ניקח יחד שיעור קדרות!
(bo nikach yachad shiur kadarut )
"Let's take a pottery class together!"
I’ve never done that. I would love to do that actually. Maybe not on a date. That’s kind of a Patrick Swayze on Ghost kind of a vibe, but yeah, it sounds fun.
All right guys so these were the 10 most romantic ideas for a date. Let me know in the comments below about maybe some of your dates that you had before and about good dating ideas and I’ll see you all next time.


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Which idea do you like the most?

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Dear Sunil and Raynette and Jessie K. Weiss,

Thank you for sharing your favorite ideal and your thoughts on this lesson! 👍😄

@Raynette and Jessie K. Weiss- thank you for these excellent ideas! I will make sure to forward them 😉

Happy learning! 😄



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Go to bed first, then out to dinner.

Raynette and Jessie K. Weiss
Saturday at 09:36 AM
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It was very helpful with pronunciation, and we enjoyed the videos we have seen. The first one we saw was 10 Romantic Ideas for a date. We also saw the video of the hewbrew alphabet song. This helped with speaking the words as well. Another video lesson was learning the grammer style for talking in Hebrew. It was a bit short. Looking foward to taking a course on the 3rd of March. Jessie Weiss's favorite Idea for a romantic date would be a long ferry ride. Raynette Weiss's idea for a romantic date would be a day in the park having a picnic.

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Having kafe

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Dear Sara,

Thank you for posting your question!

I would love to help, but I'm not sure how... what did you mean by "grammar list"? are you possibly referring to the words you've added to your own "word bank"? These can be found by using the top menu: vocabulary > word bank

If you are referring to the grammar section that often appears in lessons, this lesson simply hasn't one 😄

I hope that helps!



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Hello, where is the grammar list located?