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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew top words and today, we are going to talk about 10 Phrases to Say When You’re Angry. Let’s get started.
זה לא עניינך
(Ze lo inyankha)
“It’s none of your business.”
We all know when we’re using that, right? I wouldn’t say it to like people from work but...
“Shut up.”
(Shtok) means “be quiet” or you know, it’s not really “shut up”, but it’s like “be quiet.” Sometimes you can say it to friends like, like “be quiet for a second.” You can say, like,
שתוק שנייה
(shtok shnia), like “shut up for a minute”. But if you really want to be rude, which sometimes you do, then you want to say,
סתום ת'פה!
(Stom tape!)
Not at’tape because this is too polite.
סתום ת'פה!
(Stom tape!) means like “shut your mouth” shut your mouth, shut your mouth. This is what you want to know.
עזוב אותי
(Azov oti)
“Leave me alone.”
Most of these phrases are obviously quite short because you don’t want to start a lecture when you’re angry, right. You just want to send a message. You just want to be loud and clear.
“Leave me alone” Azov oti. It can also be physically like you know just like don’t touch me like Azov oti if somebody does touch you which is wrong.
אתה צוחק עליי?
(Ata tsochek alay?)
“Are you kidding me?”
Yeah, it also means like “are you making fun of me?” kind of a thing. We usually say it when somebody is saying something that you really can’t believe. It doesn’t have to be like in an angry way like if somebody tells you something and it’s really amazing, you can say like “you are kidding, right?” So you can say, Ata tsochek alay? It’s like “no, no it’s real.” Huh, it can be that kind of a thing.
Sheyhie, it’s like “let it be.” But it’s not “let it be” like in a philosophical kind of a beetles. It’s more like it’s “whatever”. I don’t care. Okay, you can say it to your parents like “whatever” sheyhie. Or if somebody tells you something and you don’t really like you don’t. You don’t even want to argue about it anymore, it’s just whatever, okay. Just sheyhie. Sheyhie, Sheyhie. It’s more of a teenager thing.
מספיק עם זה
(Maspik im ze)
“Cut it out.”
Now, this is more of a parent thing like when you twitch your leg or you are just making noise or you know children are being annoying, ah, and you are just – you also kind of say it through your teeth. It’s like maspik im ze. And the slower you say it, the scarier it is. It’s like the slow it is, you know they mean business. Oh my gosh, I should really stop. Sorry mom. It’s more of like “stop” kind of, you know. Enough!
אני לא רוצה לדבר איתך
(Ani lo rotse ledaber itcha)
“I don’t want to talk to you.”
I mean if when you’re having an argument or something and you just you know want to give the silent treatment and somebody tries to ruin your silent treatment, then, you’re just like “I don’t want to talk to you.” Ani lo rotse ledaber itcha. Talk to the hand.
אני כועס
(Ani koes)
“I'm upset.”
I guess it’s not too scary. I mean, people are entitled to their emotions right. So you can say, you can express in simple words that you’re upset or angry. That’s perfectly fine. It’s what comes after that. It’s really the bad part, right. It’s like, Ani koes. “I am angry.” What happened?
אז מה?
(Az ma?)
“So what?”
This is a very Israeli kind of a gesture. And it’s like, kind of like, “who do you think you are?” kind of a thing or you know, “who cares?” “so what?” Practice. It’s like squirting a ball but more like vertical and fast. Az ma is literally just “so what?” Az ma?
תשמור על הפה שלך
(Tismor al hape shelkha)
“Watch your mouth.”
I honestly believe that you can have a serious discussion or just a really angry discussion without using any curse words and I am a strong believer in that and I try not to because I think I can make my points perfectly clear without it. And if somebody like especially your child, if somebody is using like curse words against you, you can say, like, “watch your mouth” and that’s a really scary thing to say in my opinion to somebody.
תשמור על הפה שלך
(Tismor al hape shelkha)
Because there is a famous saying in Hebrew that means that life and death is on the tongue, like, you can control life and death just by speaking and it says, in Hebrew, it says,
חיים ומוות ביד הלשון.
(Chayim vemavet beyad halashon.) So if somebody tells you to watch your mouth, it means like, oh, this is going to get serious.
Okay everybody. Those were the 10 Phrases to Use When You’re Angry. And if there’s anything that we missed, you know there are a lot of ways to express your anger and it’s a wonderful emotion, isn’t it? And I’ll see you next time. Bye!


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Hi Givencia,

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my favorite is "so what ?" "az ma?". It's really cool to use this word

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My favorite phrases are:


סתום תיפה!

תשמור על הפה שלך.

אז מה?