Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew Top Words and today, we are going to learn about 5 amazing love quotes from Israeli songs or Hebrew songs. Let’s get started.
אינני זוכר אם חרזו כך בשיר אך למי שתהיי חייו מלאי שיר.
(Eineni zocher im charzu kakh beshir akh lemi shetihi chayav mle'ey shir.)
"I do not remember if it was so rhymed in a song but whoever will have you will have a life full of song."
This is a beautiful quote from one of the most famous Hebrew songs, Israeli songs ever. The singer who sings it which is
אריק איינשטיין
(Arik Einstein)
“Arik Einstein”
not that Einstein, the other Einstein, he’s extremely famous as well and one of the most loved Hebrew singers, Israeli singers of all time. So the translation pretty much of this quote is "I do not remember if it was so rhymed in a song but whoever will have you will have a life full of song."
The person who wrote this which is a poet called
אברהם חלפי
(Avraham Chalfi)
“Avraham Halfi”
was actually a solitary man. He didn’t have a family and he didn’t have a wife, but he was in love and obviously, he didn’t have this woman for himself, he couldn’t have her. I think she was otherwise attached so it’s a song about a failed love and loving from a distance which is a beautiful, beautiful song. The title of the song is
עטור מצחך
(Atur mitzchekh)
“Atur Mitzchekh”
which means like, I don’t know, we can say your brow is decorated, is ornamented and he’s talking about her beautiful black hair and how it frames her face.
שוב היא כאן ושוב הכל מאבד צורה
(Shuv hi kan veshuv hakol meabed tsura.)
"She is here again and again everything is losing shape."
This is also a very famous song by
יוני רכטר
(Yoni Rekhter)
“Yoni Rechter”
and actually, Yoni Rechter, was a very close friend of the singer from the quote before of Arik Einstein. They were very close and there is a repetition in this quote. It says
She’s here and again, everything loses shape. So it’s not only saying that again, it’s saying again, again which means that things probably happens every time. I studied literature in university so okay. The title of the song is
שוב היא כאן
(Shuv hi kan)
“Again, She’s Here”.
והיה לי ברור כמו שתיים ושתיים שאהיה בשבילך כמו לחם ומים.
(Vehaya li barur kemo shtaym veshtaym she'eheye bishvilkha kemo lechem vemaym.)
"And it was as clear to me as two and two that I would be like bread and water for you."
That’s also a beautiful quote by a song called
means “Confession” in Hebrew and the singer is a woman called
יהודית רביץ
(Yehudit Ravitz)
“Yehudit Ravitz”
and she’s also from that same group of Arik Einstein, Yoni Rechter and Yehudit Ravitz. They were all kind of close-knit. Isn’t that a beautiful quote? Sometimes, the people that we love are like bread and water to us so it’s just...
לא נתתי לאיש לדעת, את היית אהבת נעוריי.
(Lo natati leish lada'at, at hayt ahavat neuray.)
"I did not let anyone know, you were the love of my youth."
This song is by
שלום חנוך
(Shalom Chanokh)
“Shalom Hanoch”.
Still, a very famous rockstar in Israel ‘til this day even though he’s older and the name of the song is
אהבת נעורי
(Avhavat neurai)
which is a beautiful ballad even though he usually has like more harsher songs and kind of more cool. This is an amazing ballad about a teenager who is in love and he just doesn’t let anybody know and doesn’t let her know about his feelings which I think we can all relate to right?
הכניסיני תחת כנפך והיי לי אם ואחות
(Hakhnisini tachat knafekh veheyi li em ve'achot.)
"Bring me under your wing and be a mother and a sister to me."
This is a very famous quote from a very famous poem and a song and the person who wrote it is Israel’s national poet and his name is
חיים נחמן ביאליק
(Chayim Nachman Bialik)
“Hayim Nahman Bialik”
and actually, he’s a relative of Mayim Bialik if you know her from Big Bang Theory. I think she’s like his great, great niece and he was one of the most famous poets in Israel and actually before Israel was constituted as a state, as an independent state, he still wrote in Hebrew even when he lived in Europe. He had a very hard life and I think this song is kind of like his desperation song because it’s not really a love song as much as it is a song of like wanting comfort and just protection from the world. It’s not an erotic love song. It’s just he needs somebody to take care of him. It’s still love, it’s still love, but it’s a sisterly, motherly love.