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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody, Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew Top Words, and today we're going to talk about 10 Ways to Say Hello.
Let's get started.
בוקר טוב.
(Boker tov) "Good morning."
Some people, if they're having, like, kind of a bad morning and they don't want to say "good morning," or
בוקר טוב.
(Boker tov)
They would just say, like,
(Boker) "morning." Obviously.
(shalom!) "Hello."
שלום (shalom) also means "peace" in Hebrew, so it's kinda... Peace!
הרבה זמן לא התראנו.
(Harbe zman lo hitraenu.) "Long time no see."
I guess in Hebrew it's not quite as natural to say as it is in English, so if you want to be super casual, you can also say something like
(Way, shanim) It's like saying "whoa, ages!"
Without even saying "it has been." Just, "ages."
איך הולך איתך?
(E'ich holech it'cha?) "How have you been?"
This is more of a way to ask somebody that you haven't really seen for a while, like, what has he been up to. And you say it
איך הולך איתך?
(E'ich holech it'cha?)
Which is a very casual way of saying it, it's very useful.
מה שלומך?
(Mah shlom'cha?) "How are you?"
Shlom'cha also comes from the word shalom, so literally, it's kind of like asking "how is your peace?"
איך היום שלך?
(eikh ha'yom shelkha?) "How's your day?"
That's a nice thing to text somebody, like your boyfriend or girlfriend, in the middle of the day, just to see how they are doing.
מה קורה?
(Ma kore?) "What's up?"
There are so many ways of saying it in Hebrew, the most common ones is this one.
מה קורה?
(Ma kore?)
Which is more like "what's happening?"
And also,
מה נשמע?
(ma nishma?)
which is like "What's up?"
ערב טוב.
(Erev tov.) "Good evening."
So like English, I think
ערב טוב
(Erev tov)
is not something you would use, like, with your friends or any casual situation. It's more like when you go into a restaurant or some sort of a service giver would say that, not with friends.
נעים להכיר אותך.
(naim lehakir otkha.) "It's nice to meet you."
As a matter of fact, the more common way of saying it is to just drop the last part, dropping the otkha or otkha, and simply say
נעים להכיר.
(naim lehakir.)
It's like saying, in English, "it's a pleasure."
איך הכל?
(eikh hakol?) "How's everything?"
Also a very friendly way of asking, like, "How's life?"
And if you want to ask "How's life?" You can ask
?איך החזים
(Ekh hachazim?)
Ok, everybody, that's it. This was 10 Ways to Say Hello in Hebrew. And I would say goodbye in 10 different ways, but I don't have any time. So, see you next time, goodbye!

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