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Shalom, everybody. Idit here. Okay.
Do you need help?
Strong independent woman. Okay.
Shalom, everybody. Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew top words. Today, we are going to talk about your Top 10 Language Learning Goals for the Year.
Let’s start.
אסיים את סדרת ביטויי ההשרדות בהיברו פוד וואן או וואן דוט קום על ידי כך שאקשיב לשני שיעורים מידי יום.
(asayem et sidrat bituyey ha`hisardut be`hibru pod wan o wan dot kom al yedei kakh she`akshiv le`shnei shiurim midei yom)
“I'll finish Survival Phrases series on HebrewPod101.com by listening to two lesson a day.”
So the survival series, it’s pretty much like the most basic things that you need to know if you are going even just to visit Israel, not even if you’re just like going to move or do an Aliyah, if you’re just going to visit the survival phrases, it would really help you get around and that’s really important. So do that.
אסיים לקרוא ספר בעברית על ידי כך שאקרא עשרה עמודים ביום.
(asayem likro sefer be`ivrit al yedei kakh she`ekra asara amudim be`yom.)
“I'll finish reading one Hebrew book by reading 10 pages a day.”
So I think reading 10 pages a day is a pretty realistic goal for reading and it doesn’t have to be like a very complicated book or you know. You can get something a little bit more simple. There are a lot of youth books and Hebrew as well and youth series. So you can read one of those and reading 10 pages of these a day is not that hard.
אעבור את המבחן בעברית.
(e-evor et ha`mivkhan be`ivrit.)
“I'll pass my Hebrew test.”
Yeay! Though in here, we are not just passing. We are – it should be a perfect score, 100% right.
אבין באופן מוחלט סרט אחד בעברית על ידי כך שאצפה בו כל יום.
(avin be`ofen mukhlat seret ekhad be`ivrit al yedei kakh she`etspe bo kol yom.)
“I'll fully understand one Hebrew movie by watching it every day.”
Well, I guess this one is not for everybody. I am the kind of person who can watch a movie and then like – well, now you don’t have to rewind anymore but like I’ll finish it and then I’ll just watch it again directly after like immediately after. A lot of people like only watch movies once but if you’re not that type of person, then that could be a good tip for you.
אזמין אוכל ממסעדה ישראלית בעברית מבלי להתבלבל.
(azmin okhel mimisada israelit beivrit mibli lehitbalbel)
“I'll order food from an Israeli restaurant in Hebrew without getting confused.”
Well, you know sometimes when you’re standing in front of a stranger and you want to talk a foreign language, a language that you’re learning like that’s the moment when really, that’s the true test like standing in front of somebody you don’t know and speaking their language. But don’t be shy. You know, heaven knows Israeli people aren’t shy about their English or anything else. So just you know, just do it and if you get confused, they’ll just fix you or you know, maybe they’ll move to English because they’ll want to practice their English but you can politely ask to speak Hebrew.
אשנן חמישה שירים בעברית.
(ashanen khamisha shirim be`ivrit.)
“I'll memorize 5 Hebrew songs.”
Oh god, there are some amazing Hebrew songs out there. Okay. So, one of my personal favorite songs and it’s a really fun song is called A Yiddish Rastaman (הא יידישע ראסטהמאן), which is like the Jewish Rastaman and it’s a song by Ehud Banai and I can write it down for you in Hebrew in the comments below if you want to and it’s a really fun song and that’s a good one to start learning Hebrew. It’s not too fast-paced. So, yeah, you know, it’s like a reggae kind of. If you guys want any recommendations, write to me down below and I’ll you know, I will give you my favorite ones.
אסיים לשנן שלוש מאות חמישים מילים עם כרטיסיות בעברית פוד וואן או וואן דוט קום.
(asayem leshanen shlosh meot khamishim milim im kartisiyot be`ivrit pod wan o wan dot kom.)
“I'll finish memorizing 350 words with Flashcards on HebrewPod101.com.”
So to me, I think flashcards is a very good way for memorizing. I think four words is especially like words or verbs, that’s really easy. Right now, I am studying Japanese. So I am memorizing kanji with flashcards which is a whole different story but that’s a really good method.
אלמד איך לדבר על אירועי עבר, הווה ועתיד.
(elmad eykh ledaber al eru'ey avar, hove ve-atid.)
“I'll learn how to talk about past, present and future events.”
Yeah, so the good thing about Hebrew is that you only have three tenses unlike English when you have like what? I don’t know, like, 12? So that kind of makes things easy, right?
אשלוט במאה וחמישים מילים על ידי כך שאשנן חמש מילים מידי יום.
(eshlot be`mea ve`khamishim milim al yedei kakh she`ashanen khamesh milim midei yom.)
“I'll master 150 words by memorizing 5 words a day.”
So you should give yourself like realistic goals. If you are going to try and study 150 words, you are not just going to do that in one week but learning 5 words a day and just memorizing them and knowing okay, these five I know for sure but it’s just five and it’s just one day, then, little by little, you’ll just learn all the 150 and that’s quite a lot for your vocabulary especially in Hebrew that doesn’t have that many words.
אצליח לצפות ולהבין את מהדורת החדשות בעברית.
(atsliach litspot ulehavin et mahadurat hachadashot beivrit)
“I'll manage to watch and understand the news in Hebrew”
Well, I think that’s really advanced sometimes, like, they talk about stutters like what? What are you talking about? If it’s like one of those open paneled shows, then they shout and they yell and they get really upset about things and that’s kind of hard to understand when you’re new to Hebrew or even if you’re like intermediate but that’s a good goal to reach because the news is a very important thing in Israel and you can listen to them on the radio every hour. And on the radio, it’s very clear and very proper Hebrew as well. So maybe that’s a better starting point actually.
Okay. That’s it for today. We are finished with What are Your Top 10 Language Learning Goals for this Year? Let me know in the comments below what you think what are your favorite Hebrew songs, what are your goals for this year and if you want any recommendations on some songs, nudge, nudge, winkling! And I’ll see you all next time.


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Which word or phrase do you like the most?

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Hi Jakub,

Thanks for posting this question!

I can recommend a few popular Israeli stations, I hope you will enjoy at least some of them 😄

Kan 88

Kol Hacampus

Kan Kol Hamusica (classic music)


Kan Beth

Enjoy listening!



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Hi Enzo,

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I will be happy to recommend you some of my favorite and most popular Hebrew musicians!

1. Arik Einstein

2. Chava Alberstein

3. Rona Keinan

4. Hadag Nahash

5. Zohar Argov

6. Sarit Hadad

This is a short list, there are many more great Israeli musicians - a lot to discover!



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Shalom Idit,

Which hebrew songs or albums you recommend😉?