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Lesson Transcript

Who gives a dictionary as a present? Seriously. What?
Someone that’s learning a language.
That’s like the worst!
Hello everyone, Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew top words. Today, we are going to talk about 10 Gift Ideas You Must Know in Hebrew. Let’s start.
מחשב נייד
(mach'shev nayad)
המחשב הנייד מאפשר לי לעבוד כמעט בכל מקום.
(Ha-makh'shev ha-nayad meaf'sher li la'avod kim'at be-khol makom)
“The laptop computer allows me to work almost anywhere.”
So I think, I don’t think, I know, the translation to מחשב נייד (mach'shev nayad) to English is more like a portable computer or a mobile computer and not like "lap" "top".
יש לי בושם שונה לכל סוג אירוע.
(yesh li bosem shone lekhol sug erua)
“I have a different perfume for every kind of event.”
Fancy! Fancy!
אני קורא ספרים כל יום.
(ani kore sfarim kol yom)
“I read a book every day.”
I try to read a book every day. I still think that like a book is a very nice gift and it kind of shows that you really gave thought to the person if he likes reading books.
מפת העולם
(mapat ha'olam)
“world map”
אני אוהבת לסמן את המקומות בהם ביקרתי על גבי מפת העולם.
(ani ohevet lesamen et hamekomot bahem bikarti al gabey mapat haolam)
“I like to mark the places I've been to on the world map.”
That’s kind of a cool thing to do actually. I definitely need a world map because my boyfriend always makes fun of me that I don’t know geography and actually it’s really shameful. I really should get better at this.
אפשר לצלם בפלאפון, אבל בשביל תמונה באמת איכותית צריך מצלמה.
(efshar letsalem bapelefon, aval bishvil tmuna be'emet eikhutit tsarikh matslema)
“You can take pictures with a phone, but for a really good photo you need a camera.”
Yeah I guess I don’t know how true that is because the cell phones keep getting better and better and if you want like a camera that will be better than that, you’ll have to spend so much money like unless you’re a professional photographer, I don’t think you really should spend that much money on a camera.
טלפון חכם
(Telephone khakham)
היום לכולם כבר יש טלפון חכם.
(hayom lekulam kvar yesh telefon chakham)
“Today, everyone already has a smartphone.”
Yeah, I think everybody has a smartphone. It kind of makes things easier and it helps you, you know, get your life together. I am kind of aghast having smartphones for really little kids but that’s just me. I might be, like, old fashioned. I don’t know.
קונסולת משחקים
(konsulat miskhakim)
“game console”
ילדים רבים חולמים לקבל קונסולת משחקים ליום ההולדת.
(yeladim rabim cholmim lekabel konsulat mischakim leyom hahuledet)
“Many kids dream of receiving a game console for their birthday.”
Yeah, I know my brother is always like they are reading about game consoles and stuff. I was never really into it and I am still not and luckily for me, my boyfriend isn’t either.
יש לי מילון אנגלי-צרפתי.
(Yesh li milon angli-tzar'fati.)
“I have an English-French dictionary.”
If you would ever give a dictionary as a gift like don’t even, don’t talk to me.
טיסה לישראל
(tisa le'israel)
“a flight to Israel”
הגזמת! באמת קנית לי כרטיס טיסה לישראל?
(hegzamta! be'emet kanita li kartis tisa leisrael?)
“No way! you actually bought me a flight ticket to Israel?”
That’s a cool gift. It depends on the season but generally, it’s a really cool gift.
שובר לספא
(shover lespa)
“spa voucher”
אני הולך היום לספא, קיבלתי שובר לרגל החג.
(ani holekh hayom laspa, kibalti shovar leregel hachag)
“I'm going to the spa today. I got a voucher for the holiday.”
That’s nice. That’s a good gift. Spa voucher! Yes.
Okay everybody, that’s it. Thank you for joining me today for Hebrew top words. Today, we talked about 10 Gift Ideas You Must Know in Hebrew. We had a great time. Please tell me in the comments below what was the best gift you ever got and what will be the best thing that you want to get. See you next time. Bye!


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Thursday at 06:30 PM
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Which gift do you like the most?

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Monday at 04:13 AM
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Hi Shelley,

3 - oh now I understand... sorry, I don't always remember the lessons by heart 😄. we usually don't say "גדולה" to describe an object as "great", as it sounds like it's describing the size of the present... we'de rather use "נהדרת" or "מצוינת" which are better translations for great (splendid, wonderful). Second - it would be better to phrase the second part "אבל מפת העולם בהחלט לא" to make the meaning clearer.

Hope it's clearer now :)


Team HebrewPod101.com

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Monday at 04:06 AM
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Hi Sara,

Thanks for commenting and for sharing your motivation!

I hope you'll be able to speak and understand Hebrew in a short time and then visit Israel! :)

Please feel free to comment, share your thoughts and questions - I'll do my best to assist 👍



Team HebrewPod101.com

Wednesday at 07:12 AM
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I will love the gift idea of a ticket to go to ISRAEL !

I want to go where Jesus Christ was because I'm a christian

That's why I'm learning hebrew

Sunday at 12:52 PM
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Thank you Roi,

1. Yes," membership" was not plural in the lesson and I didn't know how to do it- Thanks for the correction. 2. Yes, didn't know how to phrase it. Understand it, but this phrasing eludes me. 3. Don't know if world map is an idiom. Idit says that a dictionary is not a good present. I am adding a world map to the list of presents that are not good. With that in mind, does my sentence make sense? 4. Glad you liked the joke and I think my sentence was also correct! Hope you had a good week-end.

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Friday at 02:39 AM
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Hi Shelley,

Good work! a few notes -

1. יש לנו שני מנויים לתיאטרון - the noun should be plural - שני מנויים

2. לוקח הרבה זמן לסיים בושם, במיוחד כשיש לך בקבוקים רבים - phrasing is problematic

3. Correct grammatically, but not sure I understand your meaning here... is 'map of the world' an English idiom?

4. .אני לא ידעת איך להשתמש בקונסולת משחקים -זקנה מדי :)))



Team Hebrewpod101.com

Friday at 02:52 AM
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'We have two theater memberships. יש לנו שני מנויי לתיאטרון

Perfume takes a long time to finish especially when one has many bottles. בושם לוקח הרבה זמן כדי לסיים במיוחד כאשר אחד יש בקבוקים רבים

A smart phone is a great present, but certainly not a world map. טלפון חכם חוא מתנה גדולה אבל בהחלט לא מפת העולם

I don't know how to use a game console. .אני לא ידעת איך להשתמש בקונסולת משחקים -זקנה מדי