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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew Top Words. Today we're going to talk about 10 Phrases for Surviving Back to School. Let's get started!
תיק גב
(tik gav) "backpack"
אני שמה הכל בתיק הגב שלי.
(Ani sama hakol betik hagav sheli.) ”I carry everything in my backpack.”
I put everything in my backpack. It's actually really true. You know how some people like change up their bags and you know they have one for this and one for that.
And I have just like one that I carry around and it's kinda heavy and has everything but what can you do? It's just that it's easier like that.
(talmid) "student"
בתיכון הייתי תלמיד ממוצע.
(ba-ti'khon haiyti talmid me'mutza.) "I was an average student in high school."
No, I wasn't. I was a very good student, everytime.
And also in Hebrew, the word for a student in school and the student in the University is different. We say, תלמיד (talmid) for school and for university we say, student.
שיעורי בית
(shi'ure'i bayit) "homework"
יש לנו שיעורי בית באנגלית.
(Yesh lanu shi’ure’i bayit be-anglit.) "We have English homework."
Literal translation of שיעורי בית (shi'ure'i bayit) is house classes or house studying. So even though nobody's teaching you it's still considered like a class and not a task.
(bkhina) "exam"
מתי מתקיימת הבחינה הסופית שלך?
(matai mitkayemet ha`bkhina ha`sofit shelkha?) "When is your final exam taking place?"
Yeah, do you guys like exams and tests? I was kinda okay with it.
I don't know it's just that all this studying finally leads to something and then you finished it and you feel so relieved then you just know like, okay this is done. Accomplished!
(makh'beret) "notebook"
יש לי מחברת נפרדת לכל שיעור.
(Yesh li mach'beret nifredet le-kol shi'ur.) "I have a separate notebook for each class."
I used to have like this notebook binder. When I was first grade, I didn't have like those big spiral notebooks that people have when they're older. I have this small ones that are you know, just clip together and they are all sorts colors and also characters and I put all of my notebooks in a binder that had like a barbie on it.
בית ספר
(beit sefer) "school"
לוקח לי חמש דקות להגיע לבית ספר.
(Loke’ach li ħamesh dakot le-hagi’a le-be’it sefer.) "It takes me 5 minutes to get to school."
Literal translation of the combination בית ספר (beit sefer) actually means book house and it's not a library, it's a school. There's a different name for a library, בית ספר (beit sefer) is like where you open a book and learn. Yeah.
(lilmod) "to study"
אתם נהנים ללמוד עברית?
(atem nehenim lilmod ivrit?) "Do you enjoy studying Hebrew?"
Of course, you are! In Hebrew, the word ללמוד (lilmod) means study and learn. It's use for both, I know in English, it's also sometimes the same thing but studying I guess is more proactive and learning is more passive but in Hebrew it's the same word for both.
זהו היום הראשון ללימודים.
(zehu ha'yom ha'rishon la'limudim.) "It's the first day of class."
Do you like the first day of class? School, all through the year is like from elementary school to like high school, I really liked it because I enjoyed seeing my friends again and stuff like that but in University, it like, it wasn't really bad. I don't know why.
אנחנו באותה כיתה!
(anakhnu be'ota kita!) "We're in the same class!"
Every year, you would, in Israel at least, you would only discover, like, who are your classmates, I think, only on the first day. If you have like your best buddies like, "we're in the same class" and then you would sit together on the same table. Just like that. Exciting!
איזה שיעורים אתה לוקח?
(eize shiurim ata lokeakh?) "What classes are you taking?"
You really don't have a choice when you're in high school it's like, "Oh! What are you taking?" It's like whatever. Whatever they tell me to do.
In University, you choose your own classes and then you can ask like, “Oh! Are you taking this?” “Are you taking this?” This is really bad! I did it last year. It's really boring. Blah blah blah!
So that's it! We're done for today. We talked about 10 Phrases in Hebrew for Surviving Back to School. Please tell me about your back to school experiences, like are you going back to school this year? Are you going to University? Are you just starting up? Are you excited? Are you nervous? Share down below. Comment on this video, and I'll see you all next time! Bye!


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Friday at 06:30 PM
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Which word or phrase do you like the most?

Tuesday at 10:44 PM
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Thank you Idit, for your thoughts and for your answers. Thank also for helping Roi out.

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Tuesday at 04:53 PM
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Hi Tom,

"Lamod", is not a word actually... ?

"Lilmod" means both to learn and to study in Hebrew.

hope this helps!


Team Hebrewpod101.com.

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Tuesday at 04:51 PM
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hi Shelley,

Yes, when it is not a smichut we use two "the" (two "ה").

also, the example sentences in the video are given in the transcript, so maybe it is good to have some other sentences ?



Monday at 12:04 PM
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So lamod is learn and lilmod is study? Is it fair to say that?

Shelley Goldenberg
Saturday at 10:16 AM
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Also please forward my editing comment. Thanks.

Shelley Goldenberg
Saturday at 10:15 AM
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shalom- in the first sentence" the exam the final"-I need two "hays" (two- the) because it is not a smichut?

Same correction for the second sentence-not a smichut?

Glad that last sentence was correct. I'll keep trying.

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Saturday at 01:08 AM
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Hi Shelley,

You are coorect in your assumption (about the arriving to school phrase) adding "זה" will make it a wrong sentence.

Other corrections -

היום/אתמול /מחר/ אני לוקחת /לקחתי/ אקח את הבחינה הסופית שלי במתימטיקה - note - "הבחינה הסופית"

אני נהנית /נהניתי /אהנה ללמוד עברית מהאתר הזה - note "מהאתר הזה"

יש לי תיקיה נפרדת ומקום לכל מענק מחקר?



Team Hebrewpod101.com

Shelley Goldenberg
Saturday at 11:40 PM
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All the sentences in the video are not in the expansion sentences, i.e. "I carry everything in my back pack and maybe others. Please add. Thank you.

Shelley Goldenberg
Saturday at 11:36 PM
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In the expansion sentence under school, "It takes me five minutes to arrive at school." I am assuming that it is acceptable to leave out the word for "it" which I think is the subject? If I wanted to insert "it" what would the sentence look like?

Today/yesterday/tomorrow I take/took/will take my final exam in Math. היום /אתמול /מחר/ אני לוקחת /לקחתי/ אקה את בחינה הסופית שלי במתימטיקה

I enjoy/ have enjoyed/ will enjoy/ studying Hebrew on this site. אני נהנית /נהניתי /אהנה ללמוד עברית מאתר הזה

I have a separate folder and place for each research grant. יש לי תיקיה נפרדת ומקום לכל מענק מחקר