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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Idit here and welcome to Hebrew Top Words. Today, we’re going to talk about 20 words you'll need for the beach. Let’s start.
משקפי שמש
(mish'kafe'i shemesh)
משקפי השמש האלה חדשים.
(Mish'kafei ha'she'mesh ha'ele khada'shim.)
"These sunglasses are new."
I have a bit of an addiction to sunglasses. I have a few pairs, not a lot, a few. Kind of a problem, they all suit me like every single pair of sunglasses that I put on my face looks kind of good so what can I do? What can I do?
אלך לחוף הים במהלך חופשת הקיץ שלי.
(elekh le`khof ha`yam bemahalakh khufshat ha`kaits sheli.)
"I will go to the beach during summer vacation."
If you live in Tel Aviv or anywhere in Israel near the seashore then just go a lot. It’s great. Just be careful from the sun and take care of yourselves.
אני אוהב שחייה.
(Ani ohev skhi`ya.)
"I like swimming."
I never kind of really understood how people can swim in the sea or in the ocean. Do you swim along the waves or against the waves? How does this work? Do you swim with the waves? Mystery.
השמש זורחת במזרח.
(ha'shemesh zorakhat ba'mizrakh.)
"The sun rises in the east."
In Hebrew, it’s really easy to learn the direction this way because the verb for the sunrise is
The direction, east, is
So it’s the same root. It’s
so that’s how you remember. It’s kind of easy.
"palm tree"
בחופי קוסטה ריקה גדלים עצי דקל
(bechofey kosta rica gdelim atsey dekel)
"Palm trees grow on the beaches of Costa Rica."
Have you guys been to Costa Rica? I haven’t been yet. It sounds amazing and I guess palm trees grow in other places too, but I’ve never seen palm trees on a beach and in Israel, it doesn’t really… no.
אני אוהבת לאסוף קונכיות על שפת הים
(Ani ohevet le'esof kunkhiot al sfat hayam)
“I like collecting seashells from the seashore.”
This is like a bit of a tongue twister. I don’t know if you know that in English, but it’s kind of funny. Yeah, you know, those big seashells that you can put up to your ear and maybe like hear the ocean. Yeah, we don’t have that in Israel, but you can find some other kind of small seashells that can be kind of nice.
בגד ים
(beged yam)
סוף סוף הגעתי לחוף אבל שכחתי להביא בגד ים!
(sof sof hegati lachof aval shakhachti lehavi beged yam!)
“I finally made it to the beach, but I forgot to bring my swimsuit.”
How can you forget your swimsuit? You leave the house with it on your body. It’s like forgetting to put on underwear. What? I’m talking what?
השמש שוקעת מאחורי האוקיינוס ​​הכחול.
(Ha-shemesh shoka'at me'akhorei ha-okyanus ha-kakhol.)
"The sun sets behind the blue ocean."
We don’t have an ocean in Israel, we only have seas, but we still use this word, kind of, a lot because when you’re talking about the ocean then it’s an ocean.
אופנוע ים
(ofnoa yam)
"jet ski"
בתור ילד, חלמתי שיקנו לי אופנוע ים.
(betor yeled, chalamti sheyknu li ofnoa yam)
"As a kid, I dreamed about getting a jet ski."
I’ve never did it. It sounds really fun though. It looks really great.
מגבת חוף
(magevet chof)
"beach towel"
רוב בתי המלון משאילים מגבות חוף לשימוש בים
(rov batei hamalon mashilim magavot chof leshimush bayam.)
"Most hotels lend beach towels to use when you go to the beach."
Yeah that’s kind of nice right? Don’t just take them home with you. I don’t know. I think Israeli people are like notorious for doing it. I don’t think they really do it anymore, but just bring it back okay?
כסא נוח
(kise noach)
"beach chair"
המקום האהוב עליי לקריאת ספר הוא בכסא נוח בחוף הים.
(hamakom ha'ahuv alay lekriat sefer hu bekise noach bechof hayam)
"My favorite place to read a book is on a beach chair on the beach."
The literal translation for beach chair, it’s kind of funny, but it’s actually just comfortable chair. I hope all of your chairs are comfortable, but a comfortable chair in Hebrew is like a beach chair or a reclined chair.
רוצה בירה? יש הרבה בקבוקים בצידנית.
(rotse bira? yesh harbe bakbukim batseydanit)
"Want some beer? There are plenty of bottles in the cooler."
Actually, I didn’t use this word
for a long time. People use it, but for me, it kind of reminds me of my childhood like when we went to picnic so the trips and stuff and you would carry things like this big cooler / icebox, plastic one that you carry around and it’s like red and it has a white lid. I don’t know, it just takes me back.
גאות ושפל
(geut va`shefel)
סליחה, מהם זמני הגאות והשפל?
(slicha, mahem zmaney hageut vehashefel?)
"Excuse me, when are the tides?"
In Hebrew, there are two different words for when the sea goes up and that’s
and when the sea goes down, it’s
I remember my dad always tried to explain to me like how does this happen and like the moon and stuff, but I never really realized it. I still think it’s kind of magical that the moon controls the sea. It’s kind of cool, I don’t know.
אומרים שהשיזוף מהיר יותר בתוך המים.
(omrim shehashizuf mahir yoter betokh hamaym)
"They say that she tan faster inside the water."
Do they? I don’t know. It makes sense because the water kind of like breaks the rays maybe and it’s like a prism or something.
ים סוף הוא מקום נהדר לשנורקלינג.
(yam suf hu makom nehedar leshnorkeling)
"The Red Sea is a great location for snorkeling."
I have to admit, I didn’t snorkel pretty much ever, maybe once. The name in Hebrew for the Red Sea is
ים סוף
(yam suf).
החול חם מאוד! הבאת כפכפים?
(Ha-hol cham meod! heveta kafkafim?)
"The sand is really hot, did you bring flip-flops?"
The word for flip-flops, I think it’s kind of funny, it’s also an onomatopoeia, like in English, but in Hebrew, it’s
That’s one,
קרם הגנה
(krem hagana)
קניתי קרם הגנה בריח קוקוס
(kaniti krem hagana bereach kokus.)
"I bought coconut-scented sunscreen.”
Isn’t that amazing like it automatically takes me summer and beaches and islands. It’s just incredible.
אני מעדיפה ללבוש בגד ים מלא על פני ביקיני.
(ani ma'adifa lilbosh beged yam male al pney bikini)
"I prefer wearing a full swimsuit over a bikini."
People don’t think that’s kind of odd anymore because it used to be like, oh like, you’re such a dork, you’re wearing a full swimsuit, but yeah, you know, full swimsuits are making a comeback and they’re beautiful.
האוטו שלי מלא חול מהים.
(Ha-oto sheli ma’le ħol me-ha-yam.)
"My car is full of sand from the sea."
Oh gosh! This is like you cannot get rid of the sand in your car. It’s really gross. You’ll have it all through winter too so just deal with it.
אנחנו שחינו בים.
(Anaħ’nu saħinu ba-yam.)
"We swam in the sea."
Sea like the Meditteranean Sea or the Dead Sea or the Red Sea.
Okay everybody, that’s it. Today, we’ve talked about 20 words you’ll use at the beach. Please tell me if you like the beach, what kind of beach do you go to and what do you do there? Do you read a book? Do you make sand castles? Do you swim? Do you just like put your legs on the water like me? So see you next time. Bye-bye!