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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody! Idit here. So summer is coming up, yeah! And today, we’re going to talk about 10 Thing to Do in the Summer in Israel. Let’s begin!
לסוע לחו"ל
(lisoa le'khul)
"to travel abroad"
אני רוצה לסוע לחו״ל השנה.
(ani rotse lisoa le'khul hashana.)
"I want to travel abroad this year."
Yeah, that’s kind of great, isn’t it?
להרגע בחוף
(leheraga ba'khof)
"to relax at the beach"
אני אוהב להרגע על החוף.
(ani ohev leheraga al ha'khof.)
"I like to relax at the beach."
If you’re going kind of like midday to the beaches at least in Tel Aviv, you wouldn’t relax like it’s going to be pretty busy and you’ll see like kids and families and people talking and maybe people playing music. It’s like very hectic and fun, but you’ll probably not going to be able to like read your book.
ללמוד עברית עם עברית פוד ואן או ואן דוט קום.
(lilmod ivrit eem ivrit pod wan o wan dot kom.)
"to learn Hebrew with HebrewPod101.com."
כדאי לך ללמוד עברית עם עברית פוד וואן או וואן דוט קום.
(kedai lekha lilmod ivrit im ivrit pod wan o wan dot kom.)
"You should learn Hebrew with HebrewPod101.com."
So yeah, isn’t that like a good way to spend your summer like study some Hebrew and have some laughs and listen to some awesome content. You can do it in your spare time and if it’s like just a podcast and then you can do it like while doing other things too which is amazing!
ללמוד לבשל אוכל ישראלי
(lilmod levashel okhel israeli)
"to learn to cook Israeli food"
אתה יכול ללמוד לבשל אוכל ישראלי.
(ata yakhol lilmod levashel okhel israeli.)
"You can learn to cook Israeli food."
But it is very eclectic like you would see food that’s more Moroccan or Iraqi or from Europe, Ashkenazi and it’s all kind of mixed together. If you go to like really, really good chef restaurants, then you would see there something that is distinctly Israeli in my opinion.
לעשות "על האש"
(la'asot "al ha'esh")
"to have a barbecue"
הכי כיף לעשות על האש עם חברים.
(hakhi kef la'asot al ha'esh im khaverim.)
"Having a barbecue with friends is the best."
I’m asthmatic and I hate smoke, but I eat meat, sorry, and it’s tasty. So if somebody else takes care of, like, handling the barbecue itself, I’m all for it.
לחגוג כל הלילה
(lakhgog kol halayla)
"to party all night"
אני מתכנן לחגוג כל הלילה.
(ani metakhnen lakhgog kol ha'layla.)
"I plan to party all night."
I can't, you know, I fall down at 12 o’clock. But some people can do that all night so, you know, kudos for them.
"to get a tan"
להשתזף זה לא בריא.
(lehishtazef ze lo bari.)
"Getting a tan is not healthy."
Just don’t overdo it and take care of yourself and don’t go when the sun is really, really hot, but sometimes it’s okay, really.
"to go hiking"
לטיל זה כיף!
(letayel ze kef.)
"Hiking is fun!"
Like when I was a kid, I think I told in like a different video, my dad is, like, a hiking guy. He’s a tour guy and he would - a lot of Saturdays like he would wake us up really early and we would go to like have a trip or go hiking. And it was really fun when I was a kid and I like flowers even though I have allergies.
לעבוד במשרה חלקית
(la'avod bemisra khelkit)
"to work a part-time job"
לעבוד במשרה חלקית יכול להיות נחמד.
(la'avod be'misra khelkit yakhol lihiyot nekhmad.)
"Working a part-time job can be nice."
Nice? I don’t know. My experiences with like summer part-time jobs are not positive at all.
לעשות כיף עם חברים
(la'asot kef im khaverim)
"to have fun with friends"
כל אחד אוהב לעשות כיף עם חברים.
(kol ekhad ohev la'asot kef im khaverim.)
"Everyone loves to have fun with their friends."
Yeah, you know, if you have friends.
Okay, guys, so that’s it. We did 10 Things You Can Do in the Summer in Israel. Please let me know in the comments below what are your favorite things to do during the summer, and what were maybe your favorite things to do as a kid and share some summer memories. I’m really excited for it too, you know, getting a bit warmer and maybe going to the beach. I love it! And yeah, don’t forget to like up this video and subscribe to the channel, and don’t forget to check out HebrewPod101.com for more content and more Hebrew, and I will see you all next time.


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Which do you like to do the most in the summer?

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Hi Joshua K,

Sure, happy to help 👍😄



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Oh ok great, thanks for the reply!


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Hi Joshua K,

Thanks for commenting and for sharing your question.

In Hebrew, acronyms are formed using the " sign. In this example, "chul" (חו"ל) is an acronym of "chutz la'arets" - חוץ לארץ (literally "outside the country") and there for in the acronym the first letters of these two words appear with a - ".

Another example is צה"ל, the IDF, that is standing for "צבא הגנה לישראל".

Happy to help :)



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Why is there a " in

לנסוע לחו"ל

I've seen this many times but haven't understood how it works or why it's there.