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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody, Idit here! And welcome to Hebrew Top Words. And this week we're gonna talk about 10 Ways to Save The Planets in Hebrew. Let's begin!
(lemakhzer) "to recycle"
למחזר זה חסכוני.
(lemakhzer ze kheskhoni.) "It is economical to recycle."
It’s true, I think like recycling saves energy and reduces our carbon footprint and it’s really, really important. Even if sometimes it’s a bit of a hassle for you, you know, to separate plastics and the metals, you should do it.
(lehitnadev) "to volunteer"
התחלתי להתנדב באיסוף בקבוקים.
(hitkhalti lehitnadev be'isuf bakbukim.) "I started to volunteer collecting bottles."
You can also volunteer in some things that’s eco-friendly, like collecting bottles or, you know, picking up trash, stuff like that. But generally, in Hebrew, when you say “to volunteer” it’s like in English. You can volunteer at an old people’s home or in a hospital or just, you know, anywhere else. It doesn’t have to be eco, but anything is good. Volunteering is a good thing.
להגן על הים
(lehagen al ha'yam) "protect the sea"
להגן על הים זה חשוב.
(lehagen al hayam ze khashuv.) "It's important to protect the sea."
I don’t know how it is in other places, but in Israel, like, there are sea turtles and the problem with them is that either sometimes they get beached or they would swallow, like, a plastic bag. So what usually our people ask from is not to throw their plastic bag in the ocean, and don’t ever do that! Don’t do that, because the sea turtles think that this is a jellyfish and they eat it and then they choke and they die. So, no good.
לשמר את הטבע
(leshamer et ha'teve) "preserve nature"
צריך לשמר את הטבע.
(tsarikh leshamer et ha'teva.) "We should preserve nature."
I think it’s really important to preserve nature especially in Israel there’s such a special ecosystem and it’s kind of delicate, but it’s also very, very interesting. So I don’t know, just don’t litter and take care of it.
להשתמש באנרגיה סולארית
(lehishtamesh be'energya solarit) "use solar energy"
כדאי כמה שיותר להשתמש באנרגיה סולארית.
(kedai kama she'yoter le'hishtamesh be'energiya solarit.) "It's better to use solar energy as much as possible."
Israel is very sunny and most of what people do to, like, heat up water for shower and stuff like that, they have actually a solar boiler; usually, it’s like on the top of the buildings. So you see if you look up from Tel Aviv, you’ll see all the solar water boilers on the top of the buildings. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily very attractive, but it is very eco-friendly. And most of the year, like, you don’t even have to like turn on the boiler or use gas or electricity or anything. It’s just, like, the sun heats it up, which is pretty awesome, in my opinion.
לא לזהם את האויר
(lo lezahem et ha'avir) "Do not pollute the air."
בבקשה לא לזהם את האויר.
(bevakasha lo lezahem et ha'avir.) "Please do not pollute the air."
So I guess, like the old type of deodorants that used to hurt like the ozone are kind of gone. I don’t think anybody produces them anymore, but there are a lot of ways to avoid from polluting the air, and that’s using cars the least amount possible and if you can cycle or walk or use the train, that’s better. And if you have to use a car then commute. I know some places and sometimes in Tel Aviv, you don’t really have a choice, but if you can like co-share, I mean like share rides and commute with each other, it’s more fun and it saves a lot of energy and pollution.
לצמצם כיתת עציםר
(letsamtsem kritat etsim) "Reduce deforestation"
הכרחי לצמצם כריתת עצים.
(hekhrekhi letsamtsem kritat etsim.) "Reducing deforestation is imperative."
Actually, I think when Israel was just coming to be as a country and as a nation, one of the most important jobs that people had to do is actually making forests because naturally in Israel, the climate doesn’t allow for forests to be. But people kind of just created them and now you can sort of walk around Israel and see a lot of man-made forests and they’re not cut down, like, they’re not for trees, for like making paper or stuff like that; it’s just for nature.
לחסוך בחשמל
(lakhsokh be'khashmal) "save electricity"
אפשר לחסוך בחשמל בבית.
(efshar lakhsokh be'khashmal ba'bait.) "It's possible to save electricity at home."
I’m like one of those crazy people who just like walk around the house and turn off the lights. My boyfriend will get mad at me. He’s like “I need some light to see.” and I was like “You have some.” Yeah, I think saving electricity is very important and it’s very easy to do. You just kind of have to keep it in mind to just turn off the light after you leave a room.
לצרוך פחות דלק
(litsrokh pakhot delek) "consume less fuel"
אנחנו צריכים לצרוך פחות דלק.
(anakhnu tsrikhim litsrokh pakhot delek.) "We should consume less fuel."
So of course sometimes it’s not possible not to use your car or you don’t really have an alternative necessarily, but I think again if you commute and you share rides, that’s really important. I just hope that sometime in the near future, we’ll find an alternative to fossil fuel to kind of save the planet, and maybe even save the economy.
להשתמש בסוללות נטענות
(lehishtamesh be'solelot nit-anot) "use rechargeable batteries"
רצוי להשתמש בסוללות נטענות.
(ratsui lehishtamesh be'solelot nit-anot.) "It is advisable to use rechargeable batteries."
I think the age of the batteries is kind of going away, but if you do use some and if there’s some sort of a device that you need to use your batteries often then, you know, use rechargeables, it’s way better. They last longer, too, I think.
Okay, so thank you for watching today. We talked about 10 Ways to Save the Planet in Hebrew. and please tell me in the comments below if you have like any tips on, like, eco-friendly tips and ways to save energy. And I'll see you all next time.


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Which way do you use the most?

Saturday at 01:29 AM
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Hi Alexander Rothschild,

Thanks for posting and for the feedback!

I agree, raising awareness to the worsening state of nature and the environment has a great meaning nowadays and we try sometimes to do it here on the website ourselves when possible :)

Happy learning,


Team HebrewPod101.com

Alexander Rothschild
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This one on the environment is especially well done and important. Thank You.

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Hi Shelley

Thank you for your reply.

Should you have any questions, please let us know.



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Hurray! Thank you, Roi! Changing from the infinitive to conjugating the verb takes looking up the words in the verb book. One day I hope it will just be naturally

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Hi Shelley,

Thanks for commenting!

Great work - just one small typo - (we are ) recycling = אנחנו ממחזרים.

Keep up the excellent work!


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Shelley Goldenberg
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We recycle our trash every day and twice on Tuesday. אנחנו מחזרים את האשפה שלנו כל יום ופעמיים ביום שלישי

We should commute to work together to use less gasoline. אנחנו צריכים לנסוע לעבודה ביחד כדי לצרוך פחות דלק

Plastic bags pollute the sea and are dangerous for life in the sea. שקיות פלסטיק מזהמות את הים ומסוכנות לחיים בים

It is advisable to reduce waste in order to protect nature. רצו להפחית אשפה כדי לשמר את הטבע