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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everybody! Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew Top Words and today, we are going to talk about top 10 most common vocabulary for tourists. Let’s start.
קנה את הכרטיס בתחנה בטרם העלייה לרכבת.
(Kne et hakartis batachana beterem ha-aliya larakevet.)
"Get your ticket at the station before boarding the train."
I think at some places like if you’re really in a rush, you can buy your ticket on the train, but I wouldn’t try… I wouldn’t try doing it.
מחר תגיע למלון קבוצה גדולה של תיירים.
(maħar tagia la-malon kvutza gdola shel tayarim.)
"Tomorrow, a large group of tourists will arrive at the hotel."
לוח זמנים
(luakh z'manim)
זה לוח הזמנים להיום.
(Ze lu'ach hazmanim lehayom.)
"This is today's itinerary."
The word
לוח זמנים
(luakh z'manim)
can also mean “schedule”, not just itinerary. It’s kind of the same.
מדריך טיולים
(madrikh tiyulim)
מדריך טיולים יתן מידע מועיל לטיול שלך.
(Madrich tiyulim yiten meida mo'il la-tiyul shel'cha.)
"A guidebook will give you helpful information for your trip."
The word in Hebrew
מדריך טיולים
(madrikh tiyulim),
it’s not just a guidebook, but it can also mean a person who is a tour guide or any other type of guide.
אוטובוס טיולים
(otobus tiyulim)
"tour bus"
אוטובוס טיולים הוא מצוין לטיול קבוצתי.
(Otobus tiyulim hu metsuyan le‘tiyul kvu‘tsati.)
"A tour bus is a great way to take a group trip."
I think people take group trips less and less right? Am I wrong? I think now with the internet and mobile phones and stuff like that, people can get around on their own much more than they could before so they don’t really need that group thing so much anymore. They can just do it by themselves and I think that’s great, but group trips are also very good for maybe older people or families, but yeah.
הרבה אנשים הולכים למקדש כדי להתפלל.
(Harbe anashim holchim lamikdash kedei lehitpalel.)
"Many people go to the temple for prayer."
This one, the meaning of the word
it’s any temple that’s not Jewish. I know sometimes in the US, people use the word temple also for a synagogue, but this time, it’s not the same.
במסגד המוסלמים מתפללים בכל יום.
(Bemisgad hamuslemim mitpalelim bechol yom.)
"At a mosque, Muslims pray every day."
There are many mosques in Israel. Some of them are absolutely beautiful and I totally recommend it to visit.
להרבה נוצרים חשוב לבקר בכנסייה בכל יום ראשון.
(Le-har'be nots'rim chashuv levaker ba-k'nesiya be-chol yom rishon.)
"Many Christians feel it is important to attend church every Sunday."
Also, many churches in Israel as well, very beautiful. Maybe not as beautiful as those you see in Europe, but every interesting and historical.
המפל יפה.
(Ha`mapal yafe.)
"The waterfall is beautiful."
"to tour"
מחר נצא לסייר בעיר העתיקה.
(makhar netse lesayer ba'ir ha'atika.)
"Tomorrow we'll go tour the old city."
So the word
it’s just like for traveling when you’re a tourist. It’s not really just a word that you casually use on your every day.

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