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Lesson Transcript

Hello everybody, Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew top words and today, we are going to talk about Top 10 Phrases Tourists Should Never Say.
Let’s get started.
זה מגעיל
(ze magil)
“That's disgusting!”
It’s just... what?! Don’t say that ever about anything. Just no. You can think it, don’t say it.
המדינה שלי יותר טובה
(hamedina sheli yoter tova)
“My country is better.”
Sad. Just sad.
הייתי מעדיף להיות בבית
(hayti ma'adif lihiot babayt)
“I'd rather be back home.”
Why even travel or leave your house if you’d just rather be home. It’s weird.
סתום את הפה!
(stom et hape)
“Shut up!”
You don’t. Super rude, it’s like, it’s embarrassing for me to even say it. But I guess it’s a useful phrase in Hebrew because sometimes you don’t say it like to people that you don’t know. Sometimes you use it in an argument and that could be okay.
אני לא מעוניין בתרבות שלך
(ani lo meunyan batarbut shelkha)
“I'm not very interested in your culture.”
Again, why travel if you are not interested in other people's culture.
אני לא אוהב לפגוש אנשים חדשים
(ani lo ohev lifgosh anashim chadashim)
“I don't like meeting new people.”
Okay. So what. That’s such a bad thing. You can learn so much from new people and even if you don’t like them, you just become a better person just by the fact that you had to pretend to be nice. So I think yeah, you know just meet new people sometimes.
בואו פשוט נאכל במקדונלדס
(bou pashut nokhal bemekdonalds)
“Let's just go eat at McDonald's.”
That’s really offensive, like, just McDonald’s itself is offensive. Just don’t do that to your bodies, okay no matter where you are unless you’re really in dire straits. It’s better than not eating.
This one is useful not when you’re traveling but it’s useful.
יש לזה טעם נוראי
(yesh leze ta'am norayi)
“This tastes awful.”
Just don’t say it but don’t eat it.
אני מתכוון לבלות את היום בבית המלון
(ani mitkaven levalot et hayom bebeyt hamalon)
“I'm going to spend the day in the hotel.”
If you’re at a resort, that’s okay you know. Yeah? Oh yeah.


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How do you say stay away! or Back Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something quite needed specially when someone is messing with the tour guide, Yeah, It happens. Some people just don't like tourists. Also useful with the tic tic tic tic on the beaches........ I really hate people playing matkot 😁😁😁😁😁😁

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This was delightful (as well as being useful). Idit is great fun. 😄😄😄