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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everybody! Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew Top Words and today, we are going to talk about top 10 phrases to know when having a baby. Let’s get started!
"to breastfeed"
להניק היא פעולה שגבר לעולם לא יוכל להרגיש
(lehanik hi peula shegever leolam lo yukhal lehargish)
"No man would understand how it feels to breastfeed."
Yeah, I guess not. Maybe technology someday, maybe.
להחליף חיתול
(lehachlif chitul)
"to change a diaper"
שני ההורים צריכים לדעת איך להחליף חיתול
(shney hahorim tsrikhim lada'at eikh lehachlif chitul)
"Both parents should know how to change a diaper."
להלביש סינר
(lehalbish sinar)
"to put on a bib"
תראה איך הוא מלכלך את החולצה! תלביש לו סינר
(tire eyckh hu melakhlekh et hachultsa! talbish lo sinar)
"Look how he's messing his shirt! Put a bib on him."
It all goes to the laundry anyways, whatever. You got to change his clothes ten times a day anyway no?
להחליף בגדים
(lehachlif bgadim)
"to change clothes"
אין דבר, נחליף לו בגדים אחר כך
(eyn davar, nachlif lo bgadim achar kakh)
"It's ok, we'll change his clothes later."
It’s exactly what I said.
לשיר שיר ערש
(lashir shir eres)
"to sing a lullaby"
הילד שלי לא נרדם מבלי ששרים לו שיר ערש
(Ha-yeled sheli lo nirdam mibli she-sharim lo shir eres.)
"My kid doesn't fall asleep without a lullaby."
My dad used to sing me lullabies when I was like a kid and he chose the most horrific sings and he thought I wouldn’t understand the words that he’s saying or the lyrics, but I did and I was traumatized and I’m still afraid of clowns ‘til this day so yeah. It was about like a clown in the circus and his father was a contortionist and then one day he fell off the trapeze and broke his neck, but the kid who was a clown had to keep on smiling because that was his job, but nobody knew that he was crying from inside. It’s just horrible.
"to take a nap"
תינוקות רבים נוהגים לנמנם אחר הצהריים
(tinokot rabim nohagim lenamnem achar hatsaharaym)
"Many babies take a nap during the afternoon."
And me.
לקנות מושב לאוטו
(liknot moshav laoto)
"to buy a car seat"
עוד לפני הלידה, חשוב לקנות מושב לאוטו
(od lifney haleyda chashuv liknot moshav laoto)
"Even before birth, it's important to buy a car seat."
And check that it’s up to the highest safety standards and stuff because it’s super important.
"to feed"
התינוקת עצבנית, כדאי להאכיל אותה בקרוב
(Hatinoket atsbanit, keday leha'akhil ota bekarov.)
"The baby girl is cranky; we should feed her soon."
I know this is hungry. I get to be that a lot.
להסיע עגלה
(lehasia agala)
"to push a stroller"
התינוקת שלי נהנית כשאני מסיע אותה בעגלה
(hatinoket sheli nehenet ksheani mesia ota beagala)
"My baby enjoys it when I push her in the stroller."
Yeah I think that’s a good way to make babies fall asleep right? Just like the vibrations.
להקריא סיפור
(lehakri sipur)
"to read a story"
האם מקריאה סיפור לילדים
(Ha-em makri’ah sipur la-yeladim.)
"The mother reads a story to the children."
Yeah, that was my favorite when I was a girl. I still love stories ‘til this day.
Okay guys that’s it. This was top 10 phrases to know when having a baby. Let me know in the comments below, do you have a baby. If you have like a funny story about being a new parent, I am not a parent yet so I think maybe it could help me out. Bye-bye!