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Lesson Transcript

(Shalom) everybody! Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew Top Words. Today, we are going to talk about top 10 ways to prepare for your travel. Let’s begin!
לבחור יעד
(livchor ya'ad)
"to choose your destination"
כבר בחרת יעד לטיול?
(kvar bachart ya'ad latiul?)
"Have you chosen your destination yet?"
What’s your next destination to travel? I think mine would probably be Australia or Spain, either way.
לקנות מדריך טיולים
(liknot madrikh tiulim)
"to buy a guidebook"
קניתי מדריך טיולים עם המלצות מצויינות
(kaniti madrikh tiulim im hamlatsot metsuyanot)
"I bought a guidebook with excellent recommendations."
When I had my trip to Thailand after I finished the army, I was 21, that was 6 years ago, I still used like a book from one of those really famous companies that do like guidebooks. But now wherever I go, I don’t even use a book anymore. I just use the internet and even when I’m at the place, I use the internet for recommendations and I use Yelp. So it’s amazing like in less than 10 years like just 6 years, how things have changed. That’s pretty unbelievable.
לחסוך כסף
(lachasokh kesef)
"to save money"
אני חוסכת כסף כבר שנתיים
(ani chosekhet kesef kvar shnatayim)
"I'm saving money for two years now."
Well I guess that depends where you want to go. Maybe some places you don’t have to save as much money or maybe if it’s just a short trip. You should be comfortable when you travel and have enough money to spend on things that you want and have a nice dinner. So it’s better to have it more further apart I guess and just be okay with the money than like go every year and just be like very stingy about it. That’s my opinion.
להזמין טיסה
(lehazmin tisa)
"to book a flight"
הזמנתי טיסה ישירה לתל אביב
(hezmanti tisa yeshira letel aviv)
"I booked a direct flight to Tel Aviv."
I don’t want to like throw shade, but choose the companies that you fly with, the airlines that you fly with carefully.
לברר אודות עלויות
(levarer odot aluyot)
"to research the costs"
האם ביררת אודות עלויות מזון ולינה?
(hayim birart odot aluyot mazon veleyna)
"Have you already researched accommodation and food costs?"
So yeah that’s like super important. Sometimes, you go to places and you don’t realize how much money you’re going to spend on food. Accommodations are usually no because you order it in advance in most places, but with food, just can be a mystery.
להזמין מקומות לינה
(lehazmin mekomot leyna)
"to book accommodations"
בעונת התיירות חשוב להזמין מקומות לינה מראש
(beonat hatayarut chashuv lehazmin mekomot leyna merosh)
"During the tourist season, it's important to book accommodations ahead."
Oh that’s very true. Of course now, it might be a bit easier with like Airbnb and stuff like that, but still, when there is no place to sleep, there is no place to sleep.
לחדש דרכון
(lechadesh darkon)
"to renew your passport"
אם הדרכון פג תוקף, חשוב לחדש אותו
(im hadarkon pag tokef, chashuv lechadesh oto)
"If your passport is expired, it's important to renew it."
It happened to me. Some countries request for at least 6 months left on your passport before you go. If you have 5 months before it’s expired or like 4 less than that, you wouldn’t be able to enter the country and I didn’t know that for some place and that happened to me. It’s really bad. So even if you have like another 6 months left on your passport, renew it anyway.
"to pack"
אני מתכננת לארוז בלילה לפני הטיסה
(ani metakhnenet le'eroz balayla lifney hatisa)
"I'm planning to pack on the night before the flight."
Well if you’re very used to it then that’s not a problem, but if you’re not using to pack your things, maybe you should start before and not just the night before you go. Some people are having like an already made list of the things that they always take with them, but people who don’t travel quite as much, they don’t have it, so don’t do it like just the night before like plan ahead guys, okay? Don’t just throw anything in the luggage anyway okay? Put it in an orderly fashion please, please.
לרכוש ביטוח נסיעות
(lirkhosh bituach nesiot)
"to buy travel insurance"
לכל צרה שלא תבוא - כדאי לרכוש ביטוח נסיעות
(lekol tsara shelo tavo - keday lirkosh bituakh nesiot)
"For any travel, it's better to buy travel insurance."
I have to admit I don’t usually do that unless I go for a really long time, but I don’t usually do that.
להוציא ויזה
(lehotsi visa)
"to get a visa"
לארצות מסוימות צריך להוציא ויזה מראש
(learatsot mesuyamot tsarikh lehotsi viza merosh)
"For several countries, you must get a visa in advance."
Especially at the US, I think it does have super long process so you should start doing that at least 6 months before you plan on going. Some other places too I guess. Just make sure like what are the demands of your destination country from your passport country I guess.
Okay everybody, that’s it. Today, we’ve talked about 10 top ways to prepare for your travel. Let me know in the comments below if you have any tips, tricks or any funny stories from your traveling. If you travel to Israel or anywhere else, something like really amusing that happened that you can never forget and I’ll see you all next time. Bye!

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