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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everybody! Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew Top Words. In this week, we’re going to talk about top 10 phrases your parents always say. Let’s get started.
תיזהר לך.
(tizaher lecha)
"Be careful."
That’s like, you’re walking on thin ice buddy, be careful. Just a disclaimer, my parents never said those things to me because I was an amazing child, but I do have two brothers and you know...
תהיה בשקט
(tihyie besheket)
"Be quiet."
I wish just everybody right? Just everybody to be quiet.
תתנהג יפה
(titnaheg yafe)
That’s like I think, it’s not such a bad thing to say as well. Yeah, no be nice even though your friend is a total weirdo who eats his boogers, just be nice.
עשה את שיעורי הבית שלך!
(ase et shiurey habayit shelkha!)
"Do your homework!"
No TV before you finish.
לך לישון
(lekh lishon)
"Go to bed."
Just a little bit of formaldehyde and just sound asleep.
אני סופר עד שלוש.
(ani sofer ad shalosh)
"I'm going to count to three."
And what? Like nobody ever follows that threat.
This stop is also like in traffic like stop, just, yeah.
מה אמרת?
(ma amarta?)
"What did you say?"
This is like a classic passive-aggressive mother like… Do you want to say that again? You want to say it to my face? Hmmm, yeah.
אני לא צוחק.
(ani lo tsochek)
"I'm not kidding."
Why would your child think you’re kidding? Nobody is ever kidding.
כבה את הטלויזיה עכשיו.
(kabe et hatelevizia akhshav)
"Turn the TV off now."
I think probably today, it’s not so much the TV anymore. It’s like iPad, iPhone, what is that thing? Nintendo? I don’t know.
The Switch?
Yeah, Nintendo Switch, yes. Put your Nintendo Switch down! Just like you just say, “Put that thing down!”.
Okay, everybody, that’s it. We did top 10 phrases your parents always say. Let me know in the comments below some of the gems that your parents say to you. I wouldn’t know again, but let me know. I think it’s hilarious and I’ll see you all next time.


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"Just wait until your father comes home!" and "Go ask your mother". And "We don't need a dishwasher. We have you."