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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody! Idit here. Welcome back and today, we’re going to learn top 10 phrases you'll need for a date. Also, I want to mention that I will speak as a woman inviting a man out so all of those phrases will be addressed towards a male. Let’s begin.
רוצה לצאת איתי לארוחת ערב?
(retse latset yti learuchat erev?)
"Would you like to go out to dinner with me?"
Yeah, I think like dinner is a more mature kind of a date. I think it’s either if you’re more far along in your relationship like maybe you’re a bit more mature and you have more money, but most people maybe would just go out for like a coffee or a beer.
רוצה לבלות יחד?
(rotse levalot yachad?)
"Would you like to hang out with me?"
I think this is like a very kind of a vague, obscure kind of way to ask somebody to do something with you like it’s nice to hang out, but be more specific like what do you want to do? Do you want to have frozen yoghurt? Do you want to buy a dress? Do you want to go to the movies? Don’t be so vague.
אתה כל כך חמוד.
(ata kol kakh chamud)
"You’re so cute."
So in Hebrew when we say the equivalent of cute which is
it’s kind of like friend zoning somebody as a matter of fact. It’s not like, hmm, cute, like he’s handsome like in English. It’s just like saying cute to a dog and there’s also a saying, a guy would say, “Call a dog cute.” like I’m not cute, I’m a man. So if you are a woman and you’re telling a guy he’s cute, that’s not a compliment.
אתה נראה נהדר.
(ata nir'eh neheder)
"You look great."
You know sometimes like when you see your date, he just comes over and he really looks sharp, it’s like, oh you look great, yeah.
זה היה ערב נהדר.
(ze haya erev neheder)
"That was a great evening."
Don’t say it if you just had like an okay kind of a time because the word
in Hebrew, it means actually like great like fantastic and if you really had a fantastic time and you’re not trying to like play it cool and you really wanted him to know that you had a good time then say that. But if you’re trying to be cool, no, say something maybe a bit more mild.
אני אתקשר אליך.
(ani etkasher eleykha)
"I'll call you."
Now guys, especially guys, don’t say it if you don’t mean it. Just say, “It was great seeing you. Okay, bye!”. That’s good enough.
אני אסיע אותך הבייתה.
(ani asiya otkha habayta)
"I will drive you home."
Not if you had drinks. If you had dinner, a soft drink then sure, drive him home, why not. Show him your driving skills.
באיזו שעה אתה רוצה להפגש מחר?
(be'eizo sha'a ata rotse lehipagesh machar?)
"What time shall we meet tomorrow?"
Again, this is like very useful. You said tomorrow, but you don’t really know exactly when. Is it 7:00? Is it 8:00? Then just be more specific and ask him what time.
רוצה להפגש שוב?
(rotse lehipagesh shuv?)
"Can I see you again?"
Yeah, it’s like a very direct thing to ask. I don’t think I’ve ever asked it anybody and you don’t really have to. You’re just kind of like, yeah, okay, I’ll call you or call me. If it’s really important to you and you’re not playing any games and you’re all being like really straightforward and simple then you might say
רוצה להפגש שוב?
(rotse lehipagesh shuv?)
"Can I see you again?".
רוצה ללכת למקום אחר?
(rotse lalekhet lemakom acher?)
"Shall we go somewhere else?"
If the bar is too loud or maybe smelly from cigarettes or maybe the restaurant you wanted to go to is there’s a bit of a line and you’re thinking, okay, let’s not waste our time and maybe you can find some place that’s more comfortable, then you’d ask that like
רוצה ללכת למקום אחר?
(rotse lalekhet lemakom acher?).
Okay, so thank you everybody. Today, we learned about top 10 phrases you’ll need for a date. I hope you have many successful ones and if you’re already in a relationship, just skip the video. Okay, see you. Bye-bye!