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Lesson Transcript

(Shalom) everybody! Idit here. This is Hebrew Top Words and today, we’re going to talk about top 10 must-know vocabulary for the restaurant. Let’s start!
האדון נותן טיפ למלצר.
(Ha-adon no`ten tip lamel`tsar.)
"The gentleman is tipping the waiter."
So the word
is not very much used in Hebrew, even less than the word gentleman in English. It’s just that Hebrew got to be so casual with the years that people hardly ever use these words anymore and it’s kind of a funny thing to say, but it’s still a word that you should know. You will encounter it in maybe even in the newspapers or in books obviously. So yeah, it’s good to know.
טליה מלצרית במסעדה איטלקית.
(Talia meltzarit be-misadah italkit.)
"Talia is a waitress in an Italian restaurant."
Now, this is a much more realistic phrase like in English which is not something that happens very often, you have a different word for a male and a female during the same thing. A “waiter” is
and a “waitress”
אפשר לקבל את התפריט בבקשה?
(Efshar leka'bel et ha'taf'rit be'va'kasha?)
"Can I see the menu please?"
This is just like a very useful sentence for a restaurant because I’m always that person that takes forever to choose. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I am so just let me see the menu okay? Unless it’s some place that I go like every day or like a lot or often, I’m like sitting in front of the menu like… but I’m a good chooser, I have to admit. When I get my dish, everybody is like oh…
התקשר כדי לבצע הזמנה.
(Hitkasher kedei levatse'a hazmana.)
"Call to place an order."
So the word for Hebrew
can also mean a “reservation”. It can also mean the order that you’re taking when you’re sitting at the restaurant and it can also be like a takeaway order that you do by the phone. Very useful word.
תשתה מים כל יום.
(Tish'teh mayim kol yom.)
"Drink water every day."
Well of course, but not just every day. You have to drink 3 liters of water every day especially now during summer and you can get tap water for free in any restaurant or bar in Israel so you should just know that I think that that’s a law or something that you’re allowed to get free water.
השף מכין את המנה.
(Ha-shef mekhin et ha-mana.)
"The chef is preparing the dish."
Is there any language where a chef is not a chef? Chef, chef.
הוא הלך למסעדה אחרי העבודה.
(hu halakh le`mis-ada akhrei ha`avoda.)
"He went to a restaurant after work."
So the word
is from the word
which means “to eat” or to have a meal.
מלצר, החשבון!
(Mel'tsar, ha-khesh'bon!)
"Waiter, the bill!"
The word
in Hebrew also means “math” because you have to do the math to know how much you pay right so it just makes sense. So waiter, the math.
סחוג עם גבינה לבנה על לחם, זה טעים מאוד.
(S’ħug im g’vinah levanah al lekhem, zeh ta’im me’od.)
"Skhug with white cheese on bread is very delicious. "
Yes it is if you like spicy food.
מנה עיקרית
(mana ikarit)
"main course"
המנה העיקרית הערב היא דג על האש.
(Ha-mana ha-ikarit ha-erev hi dag al ha-esh.)
"Tonight's main course is grilled fish."
Okay everybody, that’s it. Today we talked about 15 must-know vocabulary for the restaurant. Let me know in the comments below about your experiences at restaurants; good ones, bad ones, funny ones. I sure have a lot of embarrassing ones so let me know in the comments and I’ll see you all next time. Bye!