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Lesson Transcript

Yaara: Hi everyone, my name is Yaara and this is top 25 Hebrew nouns, let’s begin.
.אתמול היה יום ההולדת שלי
(etmol haya yom ha'huledet sheli.)
“Yesterday was my birthday”.
It wasn’t really...
.השנה האחרונה הייתה מצוינת
(ha'shana ha'aħrona haita me'tzuyenet.)
“The last year was wonderful.”
it means “hour”, but when you want to know what time it is, you ask...
?מה השעה
(ma ha'sha'a?)
which literally translates as “What hour is this?” - “What time is it?”
!תפתחי את החלון, חם פה
(tifteħi et ha'ħalon, ħam po!)
“Open the window, it’s hot in here!” it is...
“home” or “house”, it’s the same.
.ברוך הבא לבית שלי
(barukh haba la'bait sheli.)
“Welcome to my home”, or “to my house”.
“work”. It’s “work”, it’s also “a job”.
.יש לי עבודה חדשה
(yesh li avoda ħadasha.)
“I have a new job.”
.הדרך הביתה ארוכה מאוד
(ha'derekh habaita aruka me'od.)
“The way home is very long.”
?מה היה המקום האחרון שביקרת בו
(ma haya ha'makom ha'aħaron she'bikarta bo?)
“What was the last place you visited?” Tell us in the comments!
It also means “boyfriend”, which can be kind of confusing sometimes.
.הלכתי עם החבר שלי לסרט
(hala'khti im ha'ħaver sheli leseret.)
“I went with my friend to watch a movie.” It can also mean “I went with my boyfriend to watch a movie.”
That is a very cool thing - so actually this noun in Hebrew is one of the very few that is plural.
.אילו חיים נפלאים
(elu ħayim nifla'im.)
“What a wonderful life!”
.התקבלתי לעבודה בחברה גדולה
(hitkabalti la'avoda be-ħevra gdola.)
“I got a job in a big company.”
?מה מספר הדירה שלך
(ma mispar ha'dira shelakh?)
“What is your apartment number?”
.יש קבוצה גדולה של אנשים מחוץ לחלון שלי
(yesh kvutza gdola shel anashim mi'ħuts la'ħalon sheli.)
“There is a big group of people outside my window”. And they are noisy!
.חתולים הם אדירים, וזאת עובדה
(ħatulim hem adirim, ve'zot uvda.)
“Cats are awesome, and that’s a fact.”
.אני יכולה לתקן לך את המחשב, זאת לא בעיה
(ani yekhola le'taken lakh et ha'maħshev, zot lo be'aya)
“I can fix your computer, it’s not a problem.” I definitely can’t.
“How many children do you have?”
?כמה ילדים יש לך
(kama yeladim yesh le'kha?)
.אני חולמת לעשות טיול מסביב לעולם
(ani ħolemet la'asot tiyul mi’saviv la'olam.)
“I dream of going on a trip around the world.” Finance me!
.אני יוצאת לחופשה של שבוע
(ani yotzet le'ħufsha shel shavu'a.)
“I am going on a one week vacation.”
.יש לה משפחה גדולה
(yesh la mishpaħa gdola.)
“She has a big family.”
.סבתא שלי בדיוק למדה לגלוש באינטרנט
(savta sheli bedyuk lamda liglosh ba-internet.)
“My grandmother just learned to surf the internet.” You go grandma! Hi!
I am going on a one month vacation! I am unemployed...
.אני מקבלת משכורת כל חודש
(ani mekabelet maskoret kol ħodesh.)
“I get my salary every month.”
?מה האוכל האהוב עליכם
(ma ha-okhel ha-ahuv alekhem?)
“What is your favorite food?”
.תני לי את היד שלך, אני אעזור לך לעלות
(tni li et ha-yad shelakh, ani e'ezor lakh la'alot.)
“Give me your hand, I will help you up.”
.הבית שלי נמצא בקצה הרחוב
(ha-bait sheli nimtza be-ktze ha-reħov.)
“My house is at the end of the street.”
A lot of people say ספתא [safta] because it’s easier to say.
.לסבתא שלי יש חשבון פייסבוק
(le-savta sheli yesh ħeshbon feisbuk.)
“My grandma has a Facebook account”. Add her now!
Okay, that’s it for today. Thank you so much for watching top 25 Hebrew nouns, and don’t forget to subscribe! Okay, we will see you next time, bye.
That’s kind of something my grandma would say, who chose these words? I never heard any complaints yet!


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Which phrase do you like the most?

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I like this Yaara lady. She is funny!

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Last visited place - Tel Aviv! 20 Feb

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In Hebrew, we don't differentiate between "child" and "boy", and we use the same word for both - "ילד" (the feminine "child" is "yalda" - ילדה).

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A boy is ילד,yeled. In the video this is said to be "child", but Yaara pronounces and romanizes "child" ילדים, or 'yeladeem'. (ילדה or, yeldah, is girl for those so inclined).

This should be corrected.



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Really enjoy her spirit!