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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everybody! Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew Top Words. Today, we’re going to talk about 10 must know math words. Let’s begin!
המקצוע האהוב עליי בבית הספר הוא מתמטיקה.
(Ha'mik'tzoa ha'ahuv alai be'vet ha'sefer hu matematika.)
"My favorite subject at school is Math."
No way.
המספרים אחת-עשרה ושבע-עשרה, שניהם מספרים ראשוניים.
(Ha'misparim a'khat-es're u'shva-es're, shne'hem misparim rishonyim.)
"The numbers 11 and 17 are both prime numbers."
לפי המתכון, צריך לשים כפית וחצי סוכר.
(Lefi ha'matkon, tzarikh lasim kapit va'khetzi sukar.)
"The recipe called for one and a half teaspoons of sugar."
Recipe for what, tea?
חמישים אחוזים משתים-עשרה הם שש.
(Hamishim aħuzim mi-shtem-esre hem shesh.)
"Fifty percent of twelve is six."
Even I can do that.
המספר שמונה הוא דוגמה למספר זוגי.
(Ha'mispar shmo'ne hu dugma le'mispar zugi.)
"The number 8 is an example of an even number."
המספר אחת-עשרה הוא דוגמה למספר אי-זוגי.
(Ha'mispar akhat-es're hu dugma le'mispar ee-zugi.)
"The number 11 is an example of an odd number."
"to calculate"
אתה יכול לחשב את העלות של המצרכים?
(Ata yakhol le'khashev et ha'alut shel ha'mitz'ra'khim?)
"Can you calculate the cost of the groceries?"
So don’t confuse
(le'kha'shev), which is “calculate” and
(lakhshov), which is “to think”. Obviously, there is a link between the two and also the word for computer
All of those words have the same root, but they have slightly different meanings.
חיבור היא פעולת החשבון הפשוטה ביותר
(Chibur hi peulat hacheshbon hapshuta beyoter)
"Plus is the simplest calculus action."
None of them are simple to me. So literally, the word
means not plus, but “addition”.
כמה נקבל אם נחסר 5 מ10?
(kama nekabel im nechaser 5 me10)
"How much would we get from 10 minus 5?"
Again, the word
doesn’t literally mean minus, but it means “subtraction”.
בפיזיקה, זמן כפול מהירות שווה לדרך
(Befizika, zman kaful mehirut shave laderekh)
"In physics, time times speed equals distance."
Again, the word
doesn’t mean times. It means “multiplication”. Again, it’s the name of the calculus section and not like how you would say it in a sentence.
Okay, everybody, that’s it. Thank you for joining me today for Hebrew Top Words. Today, we’ve talked about 10 must know math words. Please let me know, do you like math, do you hate math, are you good at it, are you bad at it? If you have like a funny story about something that happened to you in Math class in high school, that will be fun. I did a lot of screwing up in Math when I was in high school, so let me know and I’ll see you all next time. Goodbye!
שלום (Shalom).


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Which word or phrase do you like the most?

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Hi Cindy Yourison,

Thanks for posting!

Wonderfull! being able to learn from your children is a very good quality 😄❤️️👍 glad to hear it worked out 😉



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Hi Fariborz and kris,

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@Fariborz - Amazing! what a story 😄😄 thank you for sharing this with us ❤️️❤️️

@kris - in singular, "prime" = "rishoni" while "first" = ri-shon. In the plural, "prime" = ri-sho-ni-yim, while "firsts" = ri-sho-nim.

Does it make sense? 😅

Enjoy learning Hebrew!



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When does one use rishoniem and when rishonyiem? Prime numbers in the second sentence in the video are translated as mispariem rishonyiem.



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I love Idit! When I was younger I didn’t understand math at all and I hated it . But then my daughter helped me. Now I am a math tutor!

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Hi Idit! Thank you for your nice video. I would like to share an interesting experience of mine about math with you. One night, when I was a student in high school, I was working on a geometry problem. It was late at night and I was tired. After a few minutes, I decided to leave solving the geometry problem to the day after and I went to my bed to sleep. When I was sleeping, in my dream I saw that I was working on the same geometry problem and I succeeded to solve it. Even I clearly saw the solution to the geometry problem in my dream. Then I woke up. It was about 3 o'clock after midnight. I tried the solution which I had seen in my dream on the geometry problem and I saw that it really worked! In other words, the solution which I had seen in my dream was a true and correct solution!

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Good for you! sounds hard but very interesting!

Enjoy learning Hebrew ❤️️👍



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I majored in Mathematics and Statistics in college! Loved the lesson!

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The video is working fine on our end.

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the issue report. That's right.

We're going to fix it as soon as possible.



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There is a typo under 'fourth':

Quarter of the world watcehs the football World Cup.

should be

Quarter of the world watches the football World Cup.

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Shalom team, the video is stopping after Idit says 10-5 or eleven-about 2/3rd of the way through.

Great lesson but love to see all the numbers written in Hebrew so I can determine the gender. Currently not able to access the notes-problem with my computer. In the vocabulary under percent, I am not sure, but I feel ten should be in the feminine form. Please let me know if this is correct?