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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone, Idit here! And today, we’re going to talk about a wonderful subject which is something that I love and those are the top 10 compliments you always want to hear. Let’s get started!
אתה נראה טוב.
(ata nir'e tov.) “You're handsome.”
So you can say that to somebody like not just at the bar, right? Like, if your friend got a haircut or he has a new jacket or maybe he lost some weight, so you can say
אתה נראה טוב.
(ata nir'e tov.) “You look good”.
אתה חכם!
(ata kha'kham!) “You're smart!”
So again, this is also something that requires a little bit of knowing the person. This is something I always love hearing like when somebody tells me I’m smart, like “Yeah, I know.”. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it, okay? People always mean it when they say it to me.
אתה חבר מדהים.
(ata khaver mad'him.) “You are an awesome friend.”
Again, if a friend did something for you that you really appreciate and you didn’t expect them to be so good to you then you say “You’re an amazing friend. You’re an awesome friend.”. And this is something I think people need to hear more when they’re being good to you. They just need that appreciation, like, you’re such a good friend.
אתה יפה מבפנים אפילו יותר מאשר מבחוץ.
(ata ya'fe mi'bifnim afilu yoter me'asher mi'ba'khutz.) “Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside.”
Now, isn’t that a lovely thing to say? Like, yes you’re pretty and you’re handsome and, you know, perfect, but your inside is what matters the most because outside beauty goes away and your inside beauty doesn’t, and when you tell somebody, like, “I really appreciate the person that you are. I really appreciate your character. You’re even more beautiful on the inside than the outside,” that’s like a double compliment and it’s a wonderful thing.
קורות החיים שלך מרשימים.
(korot ha'khayim shel'kha marshimim.) “Your resume is impressive.”
Usually, you’ll hear that like on a job interview, obviously. Like, your mom wouldn’t come over and say like, “Your resume is impressive.” But if you get that on an interview so that’s a really good sign. Unless they say, you seemed overqualified for the job, which is like, okay.
עבודה מצוינת!
(avoda metsuyenet!) “Great job!”
That’s also like a more of a workspace kind of a compliment that you can get from your boss or like from a co-worker or a colleague or you can say it to a colleague. Don’t say it to your boss. It’s like, “Yeah, great job!” It’s not something you would say in your personal life usually.
יש לך טעם טוב.
(yesh le'kha ta'am tov.) “You have good taste.”
So yeah, like, if I’m trying on a coat and somebody just told me that it looks good on me then I’ll be like, “Yeah, you have good taste.”, which is a compliment and also if somebody complimented on something for you and then you say it’s a good taste, so it’s kind of like a funny thing to say like, “Oh yeah, I’m pretty, I know. You have good taste.”
החיוך שלך יפה.
(ha'khyukh shel'kha ya'fe.) “Your smile is beautiful.”
So, like, if we’re talking about maybe, you know, hitting on people or on guys or girls, whatever, you know, like this is such a nice thing to say, like “You have a beautiful smile.” It’s just external. You still don’t know that person, but it’s just a lovely thing to say and it’s not offensive and it’s just warm and polite and nice.
אתה נראה נפלא.
(ata nir'e nifla.) “You look gorgeous.”
So like, if somebody really put an effort on their looks and you know they kind of tried and they worked on it, maybe they’re going to like a special event, just give them the credit and tell them that they look gorgeous. Tell them
אתה נראה נפלא.
(ata nir'e nifla.)
אני אוהב את הבישולים שלך.
(ani o'hev et ha'bishulim shel'kha.) “I love your cooking.”
Now, this is a good thing to say like, I don’t know, in my family, if I say that to my mom, she would be like, “Oh, yay! Thank you!” My dad doesn’t really cook. When you’re with family or with friends and having a nice dinner party, just compliment the food. People put an effort to it.
So, thank you so much. These were 10 compliments that you always want to hear in Hebrew. Please tell me in the comments below, what’s the most beautiful thing anybody ever said to you. It could be somebody you know and you hold dear and it could be just a stranger telling you something really nice. Please let me know. I think it’s like a lovely thing to hear and I love hearing your stories. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Don’t forget to smash that button and yeah, see you, bye!