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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew Top Words. Today, we’re going to talk about 10 phrases for bad students which I’m sure you are not. Let’s get started!
(lehavriz) “skip class”
אני רוצה להבריז משיעור ספורט
(ani rotselehavriz meshiur sport.) “I want to skip gym class.”
The verb
(lehavriz), it’s kind of a slang. I don’t think it has like any specific origin to it. It’s just like made up.
להיות בריון
(liot birion) “being a bully”
אני מבקשת ממך אף פעם לא להיות בריון.
(ani mevakeshet mimkha af pa'am lo lihiot birion.) “I'm asking of you, never be a bully.”
The hardest thing today is that bullying kind of shifted from being inside the school grounds to like being more online which is so much harder to control and so much harder to see. It’s not a good experience obviously. I think this is something that should disappear.
להכשל במקצוע
(lehicashel bemiktsoa) “fail a class”
נכשלתי במתמטיקה אז אני צריכה ללמוד בקיץ.
(Nikhshalti bematematika az ani tsrikha lilmod bakayts.) “I failed Math, so I need to study during the summer.”
This has never happened to me, but I know it happened to some people that I know that they failed class in like junior high or high school and they don’t automatically just keep you like have you do the same grade all over again because it’s so silly. You might have, like, really good grades in other things so you might do some classes during the summer and, like, retake the tests and if you pass it then you go to the next grade, which is okay.
(lehatsik) “to tease”
בחטיבת ביניים, הבנים מציקים לבנות.
(bechativat beynaim, habanim metsikim labanot.) “In junior high, the boys tease the girls.”
Yeah, this happens a lot in junior high. I think boys should be punished more severely for those kind of things and they should be explained better, like, what are the consequences of what they’re doing because it has a lot of cultural effects later on, I believe. It’s not a good thing.
לישון בשיעור
(lishon beshiur) “to sleep in class”
בשיעורי היסטוריה אני תמיד ישנה בשיעור.
(beshiurey historia ani tamid yeshena bashiur.) “In History classes, I always sleep during class.”
I know some people in India work for years to achieve that, but I have that naturally. I just go like that.
לרמות במבחן
(leramot bemivchan) “to cheat on a test”
לרמות במבחן זה לא מוסרי.
(Leramot bamivchan ze lo musari.) “To cheat on a test is immoral.”
I have to admit, I did that once. But if you really cheat a lot, you know, some people do that, or if you cheat on the big stuff especially in university, it’s very immoral. People fight for places in classes and people who are not really talented enough to be there then they shouldn’t.
לא לעשות שיעורי בית
(lo la'asot shiurey bayt) “Not doing homework”
אתה לא יכול כל פעם לא לעשות שיעורי בית.
(ata lo yakhol kol pa'am lo la'asot shiurey bayt.) “You can't just not do your homework, every time.”
Don’t forget like when you’re doing homework, it’s your teacher’s homework to check them and that’s not easy too and she has so much more to do than you. So just be gracious and just do them.
(atslan) “Lazy”
כשלמדתי באוניברסיטה הייתי מאוד עצלן.
(keshelamadeti bauniversita haiti meod atslan.) “When I was studying in the university, I was very lazy.”
There’s a tendency for people even if they were really hardworking like in high school and stuff, when they reach university or college like they get super lazy. Laziness is not necessarily a bad thing. They say that if you want something done quickly then ask a lazy person because they will find the fastest and easiest way to do that. It’s true like lazy people tend to be a bit more creative and more innovative or efficient. Being lazy is not always a bad thing, just don’t be a slacker.
(shovav) “Mischievous”
גיא הוא ילד מאוד שובב.
(gai hu yeled meod shovav.) “Guy is a very mischievous kid.”
It’s like a cute word in Hebrew and in English like it’s kind of cutesy, but I think a lot of times, teachers especially use that word as a bit of a euphemism to speak about a kid who is like out of control. If the kid is out of control, just say like, “Dude, get a hold of your kid, all right?”
גניבה ספרותית
(gneva sifrutit) “Plagiarism”
היום בזכות האינטרנט, קל מאוד לאתר גניבה ספרותית.
(Hayom bizkhut hainternet kal meod leater gneva sifrutit.) “These days, because of the Internet, it's very easy to find plagiarism.”
People, back in the day, used to plagiarize from like the encyclopedia and stuff so the fact that you even opened the encyclopedia and just copy whatever was in there, it’s a bit more of a hard work than just Google something and copy paste. But today, if a sentence sounds a bit too sophisticated, a teacher can just Google that phrase and find the source. So today, it really doesn’t pay off to do that. It’s just so easy to find. Just be original and write your own stuff.
So that’s it everybody. Today, we talked about 10 phrases for bad students in Hebrew. Please tell me down below what were your worst habits as students in school or university, and if you are, like, a bad student or a good student. I don’t think being a bad student is necessarily a bad thing, but you know, some people are. Yeah, so don’t forget to like up this video and subscribe to the channel, and don’t forget to check out HebrewPod101 for more Hebrew and more content, and I will see you all next time. Bye!


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